Perimenopause: Early Signs of Menopause


American women, on average, reach their menopausal stage at the age of 51. Menopause is the condition when a woman has stopped experiencing her menstrual cycle. This is brought by the permanent stop of the functions of the ovary which releases a ripened ova and hormones necessary for the formation of a child within her womb. However, before menopausal stage there is a period known as perimenopause that occurs ten to fifteen years before a woman’s menopause.

Early Signs of Menopause

Women in their 40’s are the most likely candidate for perimenopause. This irregularity in a woman’s period are gradual and do not abruptly stop. A woman may suffer from this condition at an average of ten years before her menopause starts. Menopause could only be confirmed when a woman has not experienced her period for a year. What is alarming about this pre menopausal condition is the many health issues and inconveniences it brings to the one who experiences it.

There are many symptoms and signs of perimenopause that could be categorized between mental and physical health conditions. The following are just a few signs of this disease:

Period Changes

Normally, women in their earlier years have a consistent menstrual cycle. However, when a woman’s period has become erratic such as a varying time frame and irregular length of menstruation, these are early signs of her perimenopause. At this point, she may experience either light or heavy bleeding during her periods and there is a chance for her to miss some of her scheduled periods.

Mood Changes

Mood swings often occurs in pre-menopausal stage such as depression, irritability, anxiety, etc. There are also times when the sufferer experiences hot flashes and even night sweats.

Increased Fat in the Waist

Another associated symptom for pre-menopause is an increasing waist line due to the formation of fat around the waist. This could be reduced or prevented by a healthy diet and adequate exercise.

Women who are in this stage also suffer from sleep problems. The sufferer may have difficulty in sleeping or staying asleep due to night sweats and hormonal fluctuations.

Vaginal Dryness

The decreased production of the female hormones such as estrogen causes dryness in the woman’s private part. However, this could still be relieved by medication.

Painful Sex

Because of the vaginal dryness of pre-menopausal, sexual intercourse becomes painful for most women. The decrease in estrogen and other hormones also causes lack of sex drive.Supplements like Profemin can help you fight with all these menopause problems.

Urinary Problems

One of the most common symptoms of pre-menopausal stage is urinary problems such as urinary tract infections (UTI) and urinary incontinence or loss of bladder control. If you are experiencing any of this medical condition, it is advised that you consult a physician and doctor. There are medicines and treatments available to help you cope with the difficulties and inconveniences brought by this period in a woman’s life.

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