Pixie Lott For Lipsy Summer 2012 Collection


There comes a point in every girl’s life when they look in their closet in disgust and wish for new clothes to update their fashion looks. When you do want to shake up your current wardrobe, try the Pixie Lott for Lipsy clothing line. Lipsy and Pixie Lott both create unique looks for girls who like having fun with style. Lipsy gives everything you need to feel confident and sexy. The Pixie Lott for Lipsy Summer 2012Collection is the latest example to hit the shelves.

Pixie Lott Lipsy CollectionPixie Lott Lipsy Collection 2012Pixie Lott Lipsy summer Collection 2012Pixie Lott Lipsy Collection

Pixie Lott and Lipsy put passion into fashion. This young singer embraces the spirit of her British brand and brings it into her newest spring/summer 2012 clothing line. A Lipsy girl is self-confident, fun, loves to party, celebrates life, and embraces her figure to feel glamorous and sexy. Her depiction of the Mama Do singer reflects this image very well.

As Pixie entered public view, she has quickly managed to become famous for her music and her unique retro style. Her Lipsy for summer 2012 collection is split into two feminine lines. California Dreaming is the first, with romantic and comfortable clothes. Pixie Party is the second line which is elegant and sexy with special occasion dresses. She has something for everyone from casual wear to embroidered dresses. You will be hard pressed to walk away without at least one piece that reflects the image that you want to reflect.

Pixie Lott for Lipsy CollectionPixie Lott Lipsy CollectionPixie Lott Lipsy summer Collection 2012Pixie Lott Lipsy Collection 2012

The Pixie Party Line of clothing captures the summery California mood. it is totally fun. It is fashion forward with animal prints, crochet, dusty pinks, breezy fabrics, boho florals, soft ruffles, and lace. The entire line displays classic vintage flair. On the other hand, California Dreaming has jumpsuits, sun dresses, wide legged trousers, comfy tees, maxi dresses, crop tops, and hit pants. You can go absolutely crazy in a combination of her burnout parrot t-shirt and animal printed shorts.

Pixie’s latest fashion campaign for spring/summer 2012 took place in Ibiza, Spain. The young girl looked amazing on stage in her toned down romantic wardrobe and her sexy glam dresses. The Lipsy Girl wants to party and have fun. This is the essence of the Pixie Party Line and was its key inspiration. Her collection is filled with this season’s trendy color blocking and brights, but also contains traditional blacks and whites.Any piece in her line is sure to bring a smile to your face when you put it on.

Pixie Lott Summer Dress CollectionPixie Lott Lipsy CollectionPixie Lott Lipsy summer Collection 2012Pixie Lott Lipsy Collection 2012

Photos via Lipsy