Pokémon Go characters Nail art & Style ideas to bring the Game to life


With the release of the Pokémon Go mobile app, fans are undoubtedly going crazy over the game cum health app, which has been downloaded at least 7.5 million times in the US alone, according to SensorTower, a marketing company focused on analyzing mobile app markets. Nintendo, the company behind Pokémon Go, has enjoyed a mass following and an unchallenged lead in the gaming consoles market, that is, until the smart phones and tablets came to the market.

With Pokémon Go, Nintendo, and the apps’ makers, Niantic, is bringing video gaming to interact with reality, and gamers are going gaga over this exciting offering. Users are not only playing the game but, wearing the characters as well.

Pokémon Go Nail art Styles

Channel the trend and wear them always – where else but on your nails of course! Never have to be without your favorite Pokémon Go characters again.

Pokémon Go Nail

First, the tools you will need:

  • Print out of your Pokémon Go inspiration
  • Tools, including slim art or makeup brushes, toothpick and q-tips
  • Nail lacquers, accordingly with the design you desire and a colorless lacquer for shine and protection

Below are three nail art ideas you can try on your nails. These are guaranteed DIY style approved.

1. Pikachu-inspired Nails: Coat your nails with the colorless lacquer. Next, use bright yellow lacquer as your base coat. Apply the color twice on each fingernail to make the color pop out. Using your slim brush, draw out your Pikachu inspiration. Remember, you can always draw out the full character, full face, or just a distinguishing part of Pikachu – his eyes, lips or red cheeks on each of your nails for instance. Don’t forget to seal in with a colorless lacquer.

2. Red hot Red

Red hot Red

Get inspired by Pokémon Go trainer, Red. Channel his champ moves and ideas by taking a piece of his baseball cap to design your nails with. Line all your nails with colorless lacquer. Next, apply a red color in your desired shade. Coat each nail twice. Using a white lacquer. Draw an arc at the bottom side of your nails. Top with a colorless lacquer and get ready to train your own Pokémons!

3. Game cast Nails: Help yourself with a large serving of Pokémon Go characters by getting hold of character stickers. It’s best if you can get these in small sizes that fit your fingernails. You can either uniformly coat your nails or, color each nail using the dominant color of each character. For instance, red for Red, blue for Ash, yellow for Pikachu, green for Bulbasaur and so on and so forth. Stick on the stickers and top with the colorless lacquer.

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Ride out the Pokémon Go craze with these inspiring nail art ideas. More than getting a jawdropping ‘wow’ from your friends, it’s more important that you’re enjoying your favorite game right at your fingertips.

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