Pokémon Go Style à gogo: Ideas to Style & be Inspired by this Tech Trend


Pokémon is a monster-like video game character that has been around since 1983 but, was never quite as popular then as it is now since Nintendo and its partners, Niantics and DeNA Co., released Pokémon Go in July 5. According to estimates, the app has been downloaded 7.5 million times on androids and smartphones in the U.S. and is already making approximately US$1.6 million everyday in the US alone, that is, according to mobile app marketing think tank, SensorTower.

That means, if you have not already downloaded Pokémon Go on your phone, you are so out-of-touch. Whether you’re following your trail or just about to join the craze, here are 5 of the best Pokémon Go outfits to catch the fantastic, mystical Pokémon Go monsters whether you’re playing outdoors or just around the house.

Suit up! Pokémon Go style

Get ready to be on-the-go to outplay and outsmart your rivals on Pokémon Go with these uber comfortable and uber stylish Pokémon Go character-inspired outfits.

1. Go Ash! Get your trainer pants on. Top with a collared baseball shirt or, layer your t-shirt with a zipped up sweatshirt. Pull on your half-finger gloves, put on a baseball cap, and choose high-top sneakers for your feet. To complete your get up, go grab a slim backpack and get ready to roll!

2. Layered Ash

Layered Ash

Put on your leggings. Layer with a body-hugging cotton, hot pants or fit jumpsuit shorts. For your top, pull on a collared sweatshirt. Wear your half-finger gloves, baseball cap and cross-trainers. Get your stuff all in one backpack and get moving!

3. Go, Pikachu!

Go Pikachu

Wear a Pikachu-inspired ensemble in bright yellow, white, black and grey combination. Pick up a white and yellow hoodie for your top. Put on your knee-length joggers and a low-cut sneakers. Put your hair up in double buns for added space effect or, simply funk up your hairstyle with gel and color if you have short hair. Don’t forget to wear your gloves!

4. Red School Girl Drama – Channel Red, the Pokémon trainer. Time to get your cosplay self surging. Dig into your closet for those short, predominantly red, plaid skirt. Layer it on a sheer, dark pair of leggings or, best if you can find one with Pokémon Go character prints. Use a color-blocked, baseball-inspired shirt for your top. Put on wedged, strappy sandals paired with colorful leg warmers, and a red messenger bag to match.

5. Snorlax Blue jeans Adventure

Snorlax Blue jeans Adventure

Put on your blue jeggings and a comfortable plain top with a teal sweatshirt on. Pair with your favorite, flat, all-weather, mid-calf boots. Throw in a messenger bag and get on the go!


Pokémon Go is a ‘No Go’ without style. Just remember to keep it comfortable so you can walk up and down the streets without trouble.

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