PR Manager for Popular Clothing Line Gives Advice on How to Dress Slim


Women are constantly worried about their weight, and this makes us worry about how we look in our clothing as well. (Actually, we tend to worry about a lot of things!) If you think I am wrong about the issue, just think about how many times have you asked a friend this question: “Does my butt look fat in these jeans?” Now, count up how many dollars you would have for every time you have asked that question, and if you would be able to pay off your credit card bill with the amount, then I guess I am right about how much me worry about the way we look!

Recently Genny Lannucci, the PR manager for the popular clothing line, Laura, gave an interview to Elle magazine, and in that interview, she gave some great advice on how to get a thinner look from your clothes. Here are the 6 steps to looking slimmer in your clothing:

Step 1: Buy a good bra. A surprising number of women are not wearing the right size bra, and this mistake can make you look bigger than you are by allowing your chest to sag or showing rolls in the back. A bra that fits right should support the chest and fit snugly, not tightly, in the back.

Step 2: Avoid tight waistbands. Nowadays we see more and more people walking around with that “spare tire” look, but it can be avoided by wearing pants or skirts that actually fit the waist! Don’t wear clothes that are too tight, because you will not be able to avoid bulges around the waist.

Step 3: Invest in some camisoles. Wearing a camisole or a tank top underneath your shirt can give you a sleeker silhouette, and this always makes you look thinner. Try to avoid tight fitting, clingy undershirts though as these will only show your weight even more. Look for a camisole that has some bend to it; one that will loosely glide over your curves.

Step 4: Buy better fabric. A lot of clothing these days is made from cheap, flimsy fabric, and these kinds of materials will accentuate your weight, not your beauty! There are still a lot of stores that sell clothes made from good, denser material, and you should shop at these stores for clothes that will make you appear slimmer.

Step 5: Make sure it fits. Please do not follow the trend of wearing clothes that are too small for you! I don’t know how many times I have seen people wearing jeans or shirts or both that are way too small, and it makes them look a lot bigger than they actually are. I have no idea why this look is acceptable out there, but you will look a lot thinner and nicer with clothes that fit you right!

Step 6: Two words: Empire waist! These wonderful waists have been making women look slimmer for years. Buy tops and dresses with empire waists, because any body type is guaranteed to look slimmer in this type of waist.


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