Premature Greying of hairs: Serious matter of concern!


Greying of hairs reflects ageing and no one wish to have them in early stages of their ages. It is not particular about graying as it is depends on genetic inheritance. But in general nearly 40-50 % of Caucasians experience grey hairs at the time they reach at age of 50.

The graying of hair is the result of decrease in hair pigment called melanin in hair bulb. White hairs usually do not contain any pigment, whereas gray hairs contain this pigment in small amount but not as compared to red, black and brown hairs. All types of hairs have different effects and reactions. We can not claim any particular action for specific type of hair, so graying of hairs can be considered as gradual. Nevertheless, you can not stop it. The shades on greying head differ in their appearance. It may first appear close near the temples and then it may spread to the crown and back head slowly.

Evidently, greying of hairs may be rapid or it may take long time may be months or even years. It depends on the severity of graying effect. It actually initiates when there is already some selective shedding of pigmented hairs and slowly it spreads and all the hairs appear grey. In some cases it starts happening before time that is graying starts becoming prominent before the age of 35, which is called premature graying.

The factors that are responsible of premature graying of hairs are over intake of tea, alcohol, coffee, fried and oily food, meat, spicy, sour and acidic food may cause losing of moisture and essential nutrients of hair. These things can prevent essential proteins and nutrients to reach the hair follicles and may lead to premature graying.

Deficiency of mineral copper may cause low production of melanin. Therefore consume copper rich food like sunflower seeds, crab, cashews, oysters and almonds.

In order to benefit your hairs, consume iron and iodine that you can very well obtain from seafood. Apart from fish that is key source of iodine, you can fulfill the need of minerals by taking carrots, bananas and green fresh vegetables and fruits. Carrots help in good blood circulation and maintaining hair health.

The essential three vitamins that belong to B group should be provided to hair. These can be given through yeast, liver and wheat germ. It has been studied that the three major anti-grey vitamins can be produced in intestinal track of particular bacteria.

The simple home remedy to prevent premature graying of hairs is by consuming daily at least a litre of yogurt with yeast (tablespoon) before taking meal. This will help to reduce your premature graying problem. Another way is, if you prefer taking calcium pantothenate and paba tablets then these should be taken along with yeast and yogurt and should not be taken as substitute.

You should skip foods that are usually overloaded with artificial colors and preservatives. These can actually embed strain on your digestive system and may affect your hairs by making them more dry and brittle as well as making your scalp dehydrated. The antioxidants that are essential for neutralizing free radicals can be reduced by using foods containing lots of carbohydrates like bread and pastas.

Prefer natural applications for coloring your hair instead of hair dyes. Apply hair mask atleast once a week that will help to keep your hair moist. Massage regularly with olive oil, avocado and banana those are best and natural source of nourishment.

It is certain that hairs can not turn grey overnight or suddenly as it contains melanin that can not be destroyed so soon provided if these are exposed to harmful chemicals.

Healthy eating and healthy hair care will help to prevent your hairs from becoming grey.


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