Prom Hairstyles 2012: It’s the Time of the Year to be a Queen


Teenage girls in high school are always excited when it’s nearing the months of February and March. This means that prom is approaching and they will start shopping for their prom dresses and looking for prom hairstyles that will suit their look. While prom dresses needs to be bought months away from the event, the hairstyle can be decided on a few weeks before. Usually, the Academy Awards is around this time as well and many teenage girls get ideas for their formal look through watching the Oscars.

Straight and Sleek HairstyleStraight and Sleek Hairstyle

The most popular prom hairstyles are up-dos because they look very polished and formal. Some of the popular styles are French twist hairstyles and half up-dos. But since young women today like to be unique and veer away from tradition, they try to look for different hairstyles that will look good on them. Some prefer having their hair down by simply ironing it straight or creating curls and waves. This creates a sexier look.

Half Updo HairstyleCute Curly Hairstyle

Prom hairstyles are all different and you need to find the one that suits your face, head and dress. Everything should be close to perfect on your prom night and this is your time to shine. This is the best time in high school to dress up and look your prettiest. The best way to check if the hairstyle looks good on you is to experiment until you find the right one. Take photos of the hairstyle with your prom dress and compare which is best.

Glossy Wavy HairstyleWavy Hairstyle

Putting hair accessories will be a good way to top off the look. A tiara hairstyle is very popular in proms as it creates a princess or queen look. Other are contented with crystal bobby pins and head bands. When picking hair pieces, make sure it matches your jewelry too. Avoid going too overboard with the accessories.

Tiara HairstyleTiara Hairstyle

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