Protect Your Hairs from Direct Sun Exposure


With the growing pollution sun rays are becoming more and more intensive and hence these can cause adverse effects on your hairs. Harmful sun rays like UVA, UVB and UVC. These rays are so harmful that they can cause considerable damage to our hairs in different ways. UVA causes burning of hairs by attacking on the hair cuticle which is the outermost part of hair. The cuticle contains a covering of tiny web like scales. These scales get damaged and unable to be flat and appear lifeless and dull. UVA rays can even cause damage the scalp, if not protected.

The unprotected part of the hair where the scalp is bare and uncovered can be harmed and destroyed. These rays are so dangerous that they can disrupt the skin of the scalp in different ways and can stimulate production of free radicals that causes aging. This can make the hairs weak from the root and result into hair falling.

The damage caused to the hairs due to sun burns can also cause brittle, dry hair shaft and also fade hair color. These may also cause splitting of hairs that may block the hair growth.

To avoid all these problems you can follow some preventive measures, some of these are as follows:

More possibly try to avoid exposure to sun rays especially at time period between Morning 10 am to afternoon 3pm. At this time the sun rays are very much intensive and potent. Or else use a protecting covering mask from direct sun rays.

With the start of the summer season make a visit to your beautician to make your hairs split free. If your hairs become too dry in summer, then prefer using deep and effective conditioning treatment that will help to maintain the luster and shine of your hairs.

Make use of special sun protection filters to protect the hairs from harmful sunrays like UVA and UVB. There are some physical filters that like Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that reflects these harmful sunrays and protect hair from getting damaged. Due to these properties these physical filters are used in various sunscreens. These physical filters are also capable to repel harmful radiations at any degree.

Whereas chemical filters are filters that work in absorbing these radiations, thus protecting hair from getting damaged. These substances are readily dissolved and mixed in any base thus using them effectively in many products and moisturizing creams.

Use straw hats, caps, scarf when you go outside especially when you go to beach-goers. If you ought to go outside in sun unexpectedly without any sun protection then use a dollop of sunscreen of your regular use and apply them on your hairs while combing. Make sure that you protect your scalp and apply this cream repeatedly before going for swimming, playing etc.

While using these you need to take precautions about the chemicals and ingredients used in these products. Use those products that will provide protection against hair damage caused due to salt, sun rays and harmful chemicals. After the days work and sweat bath prefer those shampoo that are capable in removing salt, chemicals of pools and other toxic substances. You can seek more information about the chemicals and products that are really effective in removing all the dirt and unwanted substances without causing any side-effects.

So it is a smart effort to approach these products after seeking correct information rather then becoming a victim of severe side-effects.


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