Pumpkin Spice Color is the Newest Way to Add Fall Flair to Hair


Looking good is always a wish for most people. While it’s easy to look good through what you wear, the hair is often neglected. In the recent past, you might have heard of the pumpkin spice hair color and wondered what it was all about. Well, wonder no more as in this article we are going to talk about nothing else but this wondrous invention. If you are the kind that likes to try out different colors for your hair, then this one is for you. A sister to the gingersnap hairstyle, the pumpkin spice color is the optimum answer to all your hair questions. It is based on copper undertones unlike the gingersnap which is a brunette with red undertones. It is the Latest hairstyle in the beauty and hair industry and is taking the industry by storm. Actually, it’s blowing the internet greater than the Kim Kardashian style, can you imagine? Neither can I. Almost all the run way models you will be seeing in the next couple of months, a good percentage will be rocking this hairstyle trend. With a spice of warmth and depth, it is definitely the hairstyle trend to watch out for.

About Pumpkin Spice Hair Color

I think we are now living in a world of pumpkin spice everything. If you haven’t gotten into this craze, where have you been living? Under a rock I presume because there is no other way to explain this. From the pumpkin Spice latte, to foods such as pumpkin spice M&M, it seems there is no stopping when it comes to pumpkin spice. There exists a variety of lotions, candles and beauty products (such as lip balms, perfumes shampoos) with this awesome scent and a recent addition this family is the pumpkin spice hair. No, it doesn’t involve dipping your hair in the pumpkin spice latte drink, far from it. It has become a favorite fall hair to many, with a hue similar to your sugary warm latte. With a hue of copper undertones that is more golden than red, this color makes your hair appear to have strands that are orange streaked with hues of caramel. When the caramel copper tones prevail over saturated orange, you will look nothing short of stunning I tell you. It’s quite a competition for blondes and at the same time a treat for redheads that want to spice things up upstairs, you know what I mean? Just like the smokestack hairstyle, it basically involves dyeing your hair with this captivating color that leaves you looking warm and awesome at the same time. Inspired by food, this color couldn’t get any better.

How to Apply The Pumpkin Spice Hair Color?

Pumpkin Spice Hair Color

While you can apply a single shade of the color all over, you can also mix it with some highlights to make it look even better. Going ombre is also an alternative for the daring. Important to note is that you are not restricted to a particular shade. You may customize the coppery color to suit you especially with respect to your skin tone. It can be made lighter or darker depending on how you want it. The head colorist at Kennaland Salon in Brooklyn, New York, Laura Estroff will tell you that the greatest thing in hair color trends in the world today is deeper, warmer and bolder. The pumpkin spice hair color gives you just that. You should however seek the help of a color professional in finding a perfect shade for you. A color depositing shampoo and/or conditioner will come in handy in ensuring it captures the warmth of your hair and keeping it in the hair, leaving you looking radiant all day long. It will look great especially in autumn just like the smokestack hairstyle.

Why You Need To Try This Hair Color?

The internet today is growing at a very high rate. Access to information is easier now more than ever. In that spirit, for someone who is looking to use it to benefit them, I would recommend trying out new trends in the market, especially in the beauty and fashion industry. If you are looking to have a new look this autumn, then the pumpkin spice hair is the way to go. It is easy to apply and makes you look stunning. In the spirit of going pumpkin spice everything, it will be great to try this hair trend and see how best it works for you. I bet you will love it within no time if you haven’t already done so.


The good thing with this hairstyle is that it looks great on almost everyone and again it can be customized to suit you the way you want. Most stylists are now channeling their energy in perfecting this trend which is an inspiration from the pumpkin spice latte. With the help of a colorist you will be able to find the right shade for you. This color works for most people as long as you find the right shade for you.


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