Hair Colors for Fall: 7 Amazing Fall-Friendly Rainbow Hair Color Ideas


Vibrant, chic or sultry, there must be a rainbow hair color that’s just right for you, your identity and your personality. If you’re channeling the styles of today’s most-watched celebrities, you’ll know that Katy Perry has made rainbow hair her style staple for a long time — whether for concerts or just any ordinary day. Kylie Jenner has also posted photos of her in a different type of rainbow dyeing. Now, every fashionista is getting this unusual, perhaps even breakthrough hairstyling.

Here are seven ways you can get on the trend:

1. One-Color Gradient

One-color Gradient

Choose a flashy color like bright pink or, a more toned-down color like burgundy. Color your roots to about half or three-quarters of your hair in the darker shade. Then, choose a lighter shade from the same color family to color your tips with.

2. Rainbow Pony: Tie your hair up into a ponytail. The part from your forehead to where your scrunchies are, keep your hair natural dyed in traditional hair colors. For that part that is tied up, color it with bright rainbow colors, gradient and highlight it as desired. Or, you can also choose just one unusual color like bright orange, to color your tips with.

3. Rose Gold and Seafoam Green Wash Out

Rose Gold and Seafoam Green Wash Out

Kylie wore this surprising hair combination that actually turned out to be subtly chic and yet playful. Color your roots with rose gold then from about the midsection, downwards to the tips, dye your hair in seafoam green. Let it loose or tie it up into a braid like Kylie did for Coachella.

4. Rainbow Highlights
Get styling using your ombre hair coloring techniques. Color the base with dark browns, coffee or mahogany undertones. Then, highlight with bright, gradient rainbow colors mindfully placed at select tips of your strands.

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5. Mermaid Effect

Mermaid Effect

Get on two current hairstyling trend simultaneously. Get your hair washed out or bleached. If it seems too much for you, try a golden blonde color. Then, have several strands upfront dyed in rose gold or blush pink. Have your tips randomly dyed in the same color too to serve as highlights. This style is best worn with your locks let down.

6. Full Rainbow Brite On: Vertically or horizontally color your hair in rainbow colors, choosing one color for every small section. Color alternatingly until all your strands are covered.

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7. Deep Purple

Deep Purple

If you’re not a big fan of brights and neons, you can still wear this hairstyle using unusual dark undertones like deep purple. Then you can highlight with a subtle tinge of rose gold or light, seafoam green on select small sections of your hair just for accent.


Just make sure you’ve got a solid plan before you start dyeing. Rainbow hair can be worn by anybody but this hairstyling trend is not for the faint hearted.

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