The Reality Illusion of Makeup


Today, many people especially celebrities are using makeup. If you got a picture of them with make-up on and another without makeup on, it would take a great deal to convince you that the two photos are for the same person. Makeup is a big nightmare especially for the young men that are looking for marriage partners. They meet with the beautiful girls in the streets with their makeup on, and this attracts them. It is a naked true that makeup attracts most people, and this would not be the case where one remains natural without makeup. It is until after marriage that they see them without makeup and hell breaks loose. However how much makeup is an illusion and deceives, it has been widely used in the film industry and by many celebrities. It is what is keeping the industry moving. New trends are coming up every day.

The Incredible Power of Makeup

Many girls today cannot openly accept that they love makeup, and this is because is associated with insecurity or may be trying to enhance looks to attract boys. But to be sincere, who doesn’t love looking good? Is looking different once in a while a harm? I believe many people will accept that makeup help in all these aspects, and this does no harm. Some tutors on how to use makeup have demonstrated how it alters the looks. When applied on one-half of the face and the other being left out give one a good picture of the results of makeup. Makeup helps hide or cover those dark spots on your face. In some instances, one will look like they have been photo shopped. The important thing is that there are the instruments and products that help one in looking exactly how they want to. Some people may love brows but lack the natural brows. Brow pencils are handy in helping these people feel good even though they lack the natural brows. In short, makeup gives you the opportunity to look and feel exactly how you want. Makeup brightens your face and enhances your look. However, one has to know their face and exactly what beauty products would make them look better to apply them. Many movie stars use makeup to make their face look more attractive.

Makeup to look younger

Makeup to look younger

As age catches up, many skin problems start to appear. Some of these issues include an increase in complexion, wrinkles, age spots and broken and weary skin. The concern of skin care changes and turns from that of light skin issues to more complex situations. Some of these issues may be hard to deal with but can be maintained to reduce their effect on one’s looks, and this is especially important to age socialites and media personalities. They want to maintain their charm to their audience even as age catches up. One will need a right level of coverage. Remember that if you apply a massive coating you might end up looking older than your real age. The most commonly used BB cream has a moisturizing effect on the skin making it shine and look younger. Some tinted moisturizers give a glow that compliments with that of the natural light. Some of the creams used have vitamins E and C that nourish the skin and makes some repair on the broken parts of the skin. The pigment/powder applied disguises the skin coloration and pigment to make it look younger.

Age Disguise

Sometimes makeup may make one look older than their real age. Age disguise may just be as a result of a mistake or as a matter of choice. Instances, when one may want to look older, is to suit a particular role in a play or maybe if you want to disguise your age for any other reason. There are common makeup mistakes that leave one looking older than their real age. Eyes are the truest when it comes to telling a person’s age. If you, therefore, use a dark eye makeup, you will end up looking older than you are. Dark makeup emphasizes how dark the lines on the face are making the eyes seem smaller and sunken. This emphasis will tell a different story about your age. The dark lines will attract a lot of attention. The dark makeup does not compliment the natural light making your face look gloomy and older. The other way you can use makeup to look older is by applying a glittering, colorful eye shadow as this will draw close attention to the eye sockets that get dark with age. The application of colorful eye shadows will also add some years to your eyes and face. Using the wrong powder make your skin looks dull, older and creaky. The skin will look overcrowded and there will no good blending of the used powder and the skin tone.


Use of Makeup

The use of makeup is common today among people from different communities. No one should feel shy of using it to look exactly how they want. It is, however, paramount to take care of your skin by giving it time to relax once in a while. One way is always to wash out any makeup before going to bed.


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