Know The Reasons To Wear Sunscreen This Winter


A certain truth in life that will forever hold its ground is that your skin needs constant care throughout the year. It doesn’t matter the season or the geographical location you are in, you will be required to take care of it as far is looking awesome is concerned. Most people believe that the skin only requires sunscreen when you are exposed to harsh weather conditions and in this case they confine the conditions to sunlight only. If you are among those people, it’s about time you dropped those beliefs. Realizing that winter time is also accompanied by harsh conditions will be nice place to start. The truth of the matter is that you will forever expose the skin to situations that might cause adverse effects on it. It doesn’t matter if you are indoor or outdoor.

While we all know we need to apply sunscreen whenever outside to protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays, we also need to do so during the cold weather. The reasons are discussed below.

1. Winter Skin Is More Sensitive Than Sun Tanned Summer Skin

This might be attributed to the fact that the skin is no longer used to strong UV radiations and in time the amount of melanin is reduced. Melanin is responsible for tanning the skin and consequently protecting the skin cells from damage when exposed to UV radiation. During winter, the skin is at the epitome of sensitivity and even the slightest amount of radiation can trigger severe damage to it.

2. Windburn is as grave as sunburn

During winter, the skin is bound to be left dry, agitated and tacky. In simple terms it’s weakened. This is dangerous as at this point radiation can easily hit the skin and take a toll on it. Thus, the freezing temperatures and biting winds should remind you to wear sunscreen to prevent this. Remember radiation is everywhere and neglected skin can easily be affected.

3. Though It’s cold, suns radiation is still present

Suns Radiation

Most of us associate the sun with the presence of UV rays and when it’s not in sight, we assume the rays are gone too. While this might seem like the perfect theory the truth is that even during cold times the radiation is still with us. They most interesting thing to note is that the rays have a way of working through almost anything and by anything I mean even the clouds. According to research, about 80% of the sun’s rays pass through the clouds. This stresses even more why you need that sunscreen during winter. In other unrelated news, a cotton shirt has an SPF of about seven according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

4. Snow And Ice Are The Worst UV Reflectors

Research shows that more than 80% of the UV rays are reflected by ice and snow. This not only triggers wrinkles but in worst cases may lead to skin cancer. The most heart breaking thing is that these rays can hit the skin not once but twice. In essence, THIS doubles the extent of exposure and while at it make the situation even worse. Applying sunscreen with the correct amount of SPF will help you fight this. Another thing to note is that ozone layer is at its thinnest during winter. This is the layer responsible for shielding the earth from harmful UV rays responsible for sunburn (also known as UVB rays). This follows that the skin is exposed too much during this time and thus (more) care is needed as these rays are more intense that UVA rays.

5. The Sun is Closest To Earth During Winter

According to Robert Guida, a plastic surgeon based in New York, the earth is farthest from the sun during summer and closest during winter. With this in mind, it would be safe to say that the UV rays hit the earth while they are still strong as they have a shorter distance to travel. This in turn leads to more exposure and the effects we all know them. The fact the skin at this point is at its weakest means that we need to apply even more sunscreen. For the doubting Thomas’s, you may consult other sources on the same.

6. UV Rays Are Founds In Other Things Apart From The Sun

UV Rays Are Founds In Other Things

Radiation originates from a number of things. Even the phone that you are in constant contact with produces a substantial amount of UV rays. The same follows for the computer. Protecting the skin all through is the best way to go. Another thing to note is that indoor heating and cold air stresses and dries the skin out. Wherever you are ensure to carry your sunscreen with you.


During winter, there is need to protect the skin as the presence of clouds does not necessarily prevent the penetration of UV rays. Ensure to invest in a great moisturizer or sunscreen which should be applied on all areas exposed. Protective clothing should also come in handy during this time. Even when the place may not feel warm, radiation is still present.


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