Reduce Eye Bags – Putting the Cold, Naps, and Potatoes to Work

By Michelle Craig

You have tried everything to reduce eye bags. Nothing you try seems to get those pesky bags to leave and go permanently. The reality is that, unless you have cosmetic surgery, there is no way to get rid of those things permanently. However, there are a few things you can try to reduce eye bags appearance. Amazingly, go take a nap. While the nap will not reduce the amount of swelling, it will make you feel better. That will help you deal with the appearance of the bags better. Being sleep deprived makes the brain think everything is worse than it really is. While it won’t reduce eye bags, it will make the world easier to face with them.

Cold helps reduce eye bags. Cold compresses, chilled cucumber slices, or even ice cubes if you are brave enough will help constrict the blood vessels in this area. That will bring down the level of swelling and reduce eye bags naturally. It will also soothe the eyes and make them a bit brighter which further reduces the attention that the bags may draw from an audience. If you use chilled tea bags, you get the natural anti-inflammatory, ECHG, in addition to the cold. You can reduce eye bags for a few hours with any of these techniques.

You can reduce eye bags appearance with potato slices. The substance, catecholase, is a natural skin lightener. It helps gently reduce the appearance of certain colors within skin pigmentation. When applied to the eyes, it helps reduce the shadows around the eye and make the eyes appear brighter. It visually helps to reduce eye bags appearance. When you combine that with cold compresses and a nap, you have a natural way to reduce eye bags’ appearance and size. All of these cannot help but make things look and feel better.

You have other options to reduce eye bags as well. Acupressure is one way. According to ancient Far East medicine, there are points all over the body that affect how other areas react. For the eyes, the acupressure point is on the palm right below the index finger. If you press it, release, and press again, several times in a row, the effect should be to reduce swelling and pressure around the eyes. All of these are ways to reduce eye bags naturally before you look to cosmetic surgery. You can also try the creams available that specialize to reduce eye bags.

Michelle Craig

Michelle Craig is an author as well as a beautician by profession. Enhancing a woman's beauty is her hobby. She wishes to pass on her knowledge on beauty to all women around the world, in order to give them a helping hand for enhancing their beauty.