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First Date

Having a great conversation on your first date depends more on how you say things rather than what you’re actually saying. Below is a list of 5 helpful tips on how to talk yourself into a second date.


First dates tend to be nerve-racking due to the anticipation and given that you’ll never know what you can expect. First, try to establish eye contact sparingly throughout your conversation. (Be careful not to over-do it, you don’t want to freak him out!) If your voice becomes shaky, pause and take a moment to gather yourself before carrying on with the conversation. Make sure you look out for other nervous ticks such as biting your nails or tapping your foot. Not only are you in danger of irritating your date but they are also obvious signs of anxiety. If you can’t manage to keep yourself composed, honesty is still the best policy. Admit to your date that you are thrilled to be on a date but you are also a bundle of nerves at the moment. (He ‘s most likely as nervous as you are)


Sometimes we have a tendency to go on and on talking about ourselves and forgetting that a conversation requires two people to speak and that we’re supposed to give him a chance to let us learn a little bit about him as well. You can avoid this situation by making sure you remember to ask him casual yet insightful questions that give you insight into his goals and aspirations. Here are some suggestions on conversation starters: How many are you in the family? Do you have any pets? Where was the last place you traveled to? Do you have a favorite book or movie? If he mentions something that sparks your interest, ask follow-up questions on what he’s saying to veer the conversation to a topic you’re both interested in. Also, avoid talking about love and dating on the first date as this may lead to a long and serious conversation, try to keep things light and casual.


Don’t make your date a victim of TMI. It’s your first date so make a conscious effort to keep things on a positive tone. An example would be, if you’ve recently lost your job (which may come to him as no surprise given the economic situation) and he asks you about your current occupation, say that you’re looking for work but you’re also just taking a breather for now. Avoid getting into the grim details of how you lost your job, which may just cause the both of you to get depressed. By doing this, you may unintentionally give him the wrong impression that you have a lot of drama going on in your life and scare him away.


Other than the basic aesthetic preparations such as waxing and doing your hair, keeping up with current events locally and internationally may come in handy, especially when you start running out of things to talk about. You don’t need to know the nitty-gritty details but having a general knowledge of what’s going around you should suffice. You can even ask him to explain a few things to you to get him talking…men seem to like explaining stuff anyway. However, try to avoid sensitive topics such as religion, past relationships, sex relationships and politics.


By this time you should be well versed on the do’s and don’t of making small talk on dates. Even if major sparks fly between you and both seem to really hit it of.

Avoid the urge to extend the date late into the night. Keeping the date short but sweet leaves them wanting more. This way you’re sure there will be no awkward silences on your second date.
First Date


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