Relizen Reviews – Should You Trust This Product?

By - Updated June 3, 2021
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What Is Relizen?

As per the manufacturer, Relizen is a dietary supplement designed to treat the most common and problematic symptom of menopause which is hot flashes.

Relizen for Menopause Relief

It is a non-hormonal treatment that doesn’t involve possible side effects. The product can be purchased over-the-counter and there is no need for a prescription when buying it. It is all-natural and doesn’t even use phytoestrogens in relieving menopausal hot flashes.

The product has a long history in Europe where it has been used by women for around 20 years. It was only made available in the United States recently.

One month’s supply of the supplement is priced $63.99 on the product’s website but there are discounted prices when you sign up for the monthly shipment program.

The menopause relief supplement is from a company called JDS Therapeutics which offers a wide range of products that utilize natural active ingredients. Their most popular product is Relizen but their PMS relief formulation is also becoming more popular. The company still has not established a good reputation in the supplement industry. Their headquarters is located in Purchase, New York.

Relizen – Does it really work?

Relizen is said to relive hot flashes related to menopause. It claims to have undergone a comprehensive study. In a survey of more than 400 women (after 3 months of using Relizen), the participants reported the following:

  • reduced symptoms
  • improvement in quality of life
  • improvement in sleep quality

The product claims that it is not linked to any side effects or adverse reactions across all studies done.
One notable flaw of the dietary supplement for relieving symptoms of menopause is the lack of information on how it works. It is said to use a special purified flower extract that has been shown to relieve the most problematic menopause symptom which is hot flashes. The said active ingredient has been shown through several studies to relieve hot flashes considerably although it is not specified in detail how it does so. It works without changing hormone levels and the formulation doesn’t use phytoestrogens in relieving hot flashes.

What Are The Ingredients In Relizen?

The only active ingredient of Relizen is a purified Swedish flower pollen extract[1]. It is said to contain more than 180 nutrients which help relieve hot flashes. There is no detailed information on how it works to relieve the most problematic menopause symptom although it can be assumed that the extract helps address certain nutritional deficiencies that contribute to hot flashes. The active ingredient does not contain phytoestrogens and it doesn’t have any effect in hormone levels but the product is said to be proven through studies to relieve hot flashes effectively and safely.

Benefits Of Relizen

  • The product doesn’t contain hormones or ingredients that affect hormone levels.
  • It is designed to treat the most problematic symptom of menopause (hot flashes).
  • There are some good feedbacks from users saying it works.

Disadvantages Of Relizen

  • There is little information on how it works to reduce hot flashes.
  • There is no independent clinical testing done on the product to prove its effectiveness.
  • No free trial is available
  • It is expensive compared to similar products on the market
  • Some users say it is not very effective.
  • The product is not from an established supplement company

How to Apply Relizen

There is no dosage information available on the Relizen website but the dosage is indicated on the packaging.

One container has 60 tablets which is a month’s supply so intake should be two tablets daily.

Does Relizen have any side effects?

You need to consult your health care provider before taking this supplement if you have any medical condition or are taking medication.

Follow the recommended dosage carefully to prevent adverse effects.

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Final Verdict: Relizen

After carefully scrutinizing the formulation of Relizen and reading feedbacks from menopausal women who have tried the product, it is a good menopause relief supplement specifically for hot flashes.

The product only contains natural ingredients and there are studies proving its effectiveness.

Most reviews from people who have tried it are positive saying it really helps in relieving hot flashes.

However, it is not very effective for some users so results may vary. In the end, the supplement for menopause relief is still worth a try.

Fortunately, natural therapies for menopausal symptoms such as weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, decreased libido, and mood swings are available. Since many women experience weight gain during menopause, many natural menopause supplements contain herbs and botanicals that support a healthy metabolism. Menopause supplements should be evaluated on proven ingredients, ability to reduce hot flashes and night sweats, ability to provide hormonal balance and boost libido and its overall value.

Below you'll find some of the most effective menopause supplements on the market today, in our opinion:


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Customer Reviews for Relizen

Relizen Reviews – Should You Trust This Product?
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