Remarkable Jewelry By Mariella Di Gregorio


To produce Jewelry Mariella Di Gregorio uses something which most of us just discard – bits of damaged porcelain. She puts her creativeness plus some precious materials together and what she’s within the result? Fabulous and thus unusual jewelry!
These works of art capture attention. They appear beautiful and enchanting, as with every real thing of beauty.


Bracelets, rings and bracelets’ porcelain particulars are presented in 18k gold or golden covered silver 925 which makes them worth more than simple bijouterie. Varying between $300 to $700 they are doing cost each dollar the designer really wants to get from their store!

Yet another factor you should know relating to this jewelry – it’s not necessary to complement ear-rings, bracelets and rings perfectly. They are all absolutely interchangeable and adorably versatile. You are able to change every piece wish it best with the addition of a petal or even more.


Color is the buzzword this fall/winter 2012 season and Mariella Di Gregorio is trying to make sure you adventure into the fantastic world of color.

Accessories make or break an outfit, and make a huge difference as far as individuality and style go, so emphasize your fashion-forward sense and make a statement by accessorizing your outfits with Mariella Di Gregorio unusual jewelry collection.


Accessories are the must have in any women’s wardrobe and we all have many but this collection will surely fascinate you to add it in yours and just make it extraordinary from other.

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