Remove Makeup Before Sleeping To Avoid Skin Damage


After a packed day putting on your best foot (and best face) forward meeting with clients, and a happening night out with your friends, thank goodness it’s finally time to hit the sack!

But, wait! Not so fast! Remember what has been said about not going to bed with makeup on? It will do you well to follow this one golden rule of beauty to help you get the young skin you want even as you age.

You ask, ‘why’? The better question though is, “how to remove makeup“?

So, you thought it was a no brainer task that you have known all along? Nope, sweetie.

Do it wrong or, do it right?

Simply splash with water and soap to remove makeup — you may want to think that through again! Soap and water are simply not the way to go when you intend to remove every trace of makeup on your face.

Soap often contains very harsh ingredients that may harm your skin and it leaves your skin dry and cracked. Now, water alone may not be too useful to remove your stubborn makeup either. Needless to say, if you are aiming to erase waterproof makeup from your face, water just doesn’t cut it.

If you have been waking up with smudges of mascara or eyeliner around your eyes, you can be sure you haven’t been effectively wiping away makeup, leaving dirty residue behind. You can be certain that your makeup has been clogging up your pores, making you more prone to ageing and acne.

Step-by-step guide on how to remove makeup

Remove Makeup Step by Step
Below is a step-by-step guide to more effectively remove makeup, even the most enduring kinds.

1. Reach for a makeup remover. If you do not have one already, it’s time to invest on a makeup remover. I’ll let you in on a secret — it’s cheap! It is your single, best weapon to get that makeup off of your face before you take a beauty rest. Wipe off makeup all over your face but, leave out your eye area. Remove makeup using gentle, downward strokes.

2. Use a makeup remover made for the eyes, and not an ordinary makeup remover. Skin is thinnest around your eye area, making this area the most prone to developing wrinkles and fine lines and dark circles. That said, skin around the eyes will always need special treatment, even in removing your makeup.

Use only a makeup remover that has been specially formulated for the gentle care that skin around your eyes requires. Keep in mind to press and rub the cotton gently. To remove mascara, run the cotton over your eyelashes gently. Then, do the same for the underside of your lashes.

3. Remove lipstick from your lips too. If you hate the feeling of dry, chapped lips, make sure you wipe away traces of your lipstick too.

4. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Before you think your work is done, don’t ever forget to follow this most basic skincare routine. It is extremely important as your cells, including your skin, work on overdrive to repair itself whenever you sleep. Let your skin breathe and repair itself while you get a good night’s rest!

Special care for sensitive skin

Special care for sensitive skin

Just as there are makeup especially made for sensitive skin, there are also makeup removers that are formulated with the most delicate types of skin in mind. These products are made of the gentlest active ingredients around.

If you have the time to go all natural when removing your makeup, below are two of the most recommended natural ways of wiping off your makeup.

1. Honey and olive oil mixture: Simply combine these two ingredients. Stir briskly and briefly. Dip a piece of cotton into the resulting mixture. Gently pat on your face, and wipe off makeup.

2. Milk: It not only leaves your skin squeaky clean after a long day (or, long night) but also, helps improve skin nourishment.

These ingredients are mild enough to be used around your eyes too.

Water-based or oil-based makeup remover

Perhaps one of the most common questions asked about caring for your face is whether to use water-based or oil-based makeup remover. Well, it depends.

Light makeup intended for daytime wear generally can be taken off of your face using water-based makeup remover. For heavy makeup, particularly the water-resistant varieties, you will need an oil-based makeup remover. This will easily peel away stubborn makeup, thereby also helping you avoid harshly rubbing and irritating your skin.


Do you feel guilty? Having neglected your skin by leaving makeup on when you sleep must have certainly left some damage to your otherwise, youthful skin. Can you undo the damage of sleeping with makeup on?

Unfortunately, a magic cream that erases the damages that have been done simply does not exist. Prevention is still your best protection. The good news is that, it’s never too late to break an old, nasty habit of sleeping with your makeup on. With a healthier lifestyle, and a regular, healthy skincare routine should allow your skin cells to repair itself in the long run. It’s now or never!


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