Remove Your Make-Up with Special Care


Simple things of which we usually remain unaware can cause us with heavy damage. The skin is large portion of the body and we need to take care of it properly. With the help of our skin we can enhance our beauty more. As we can apply make-up on our skin to look more beautiful and attractive, we also need to take care of it. Nearly most of the working women use make-up regularly.

Many times, it becomes very difficult and tiresome to remove make-up regularly. But there is none other option left; if the make-up is not removed properly it may damage your skin. The make up should be removed daily before going to bed to avoid skin damage.

The chemicals particles used in make-up substances can enter the skin pores and penetrate through it. The skin particles if are harmful they may react with the skin component like collagen and can disrupt its texture. This may cause fine lines and sagging of skin thus, giving aging signs. These chemical particles may also block the skin pores that may damage skin texture. The moisturizer used may not penetrate skin easily and will have no effect on your skin.

Generally there are two types of makeup, one is oily and other is non-oily. In oily type makeup like mascara, lipstick, and other type of liquid makeup are included. The other one includes non-oily makeup like blushes, eye shadows and powdered makeup. These have different techniques to apply and hence are different ways to remove also. Some special steps to follow to remove these make-ups that will allow complete removal of makeup particles.

Some Important Things Are To Be Considered While Removing Make-Up. These Tips Are As Follows:

Eyes are most delicate part of the body and hence eye make up should be removed first and with special care. The excellent way to remove eye makeup is by using baby shampoo. The eye makeup like mascara and are very hard to remove as these are resistant to most of makeup removers. The waterproof make-up is more difficult as they are well designed for staying powder. Few drops of baby shampoo soaked in a cotton ball can be applied gently on the eye make-up that will easily remove it.

Avoid using any type of cleanser for removing eye make-up as it may damage your delicate and sensitive eyes. Eyes portion need to be handled with special care and hence should be strictly seen to it.

Wash your face with warm water before you apply any type of facial cleanser. Light steaming your face or washing with warm water will allow your skin pores to open wide and will allow smooth elimination of waste and dirt particles. This will allow keeping your skin clean.

While cleansing your facial skin make sure that you include the neck and back area of ears. This is so as the dirt and dust particles get accumulated at these portions and cause blockage of skin pores.

Prefer using good quality of cleansers rather then using soap for cleansing purpose, as soaps are too hard and tough on your sensitive skin. On the other hand, cleansers used in market contains harmful and strong chemical that may take away the natural moisture from your skin. Therefore go for branded or else natural cleansers for cleaning skin.

Use natural face mask on your face at least twice a day that will help to exfoliate all the dead cells from your skin. Thus, improving the skin texture and enhancing your beauty.


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