Results of Botox Lip Injections Before and After Treatment: What to Expect?


Many people, especially women are willing to risk anything for the sake of beauty— nose job, Botox, liposuction, and so on. Hundreds of articles online and on print, even television shows have already revealed the probable risks of cosmetic procedures, whether surgical or non-surgical. So what about lip injections before and after treatment? Do people really know what to expect?

Like any other cosmetic procedure, everyone knows there will always be risks involved. In fact when something goes wrong, the patient could end up with unbalanced facial features (ex. not only pouty lips, but way too big for the face) or suffer from serious side effects. However, some people would still say, “I’d like to give it a try.” At the back of their minds, they know they could only hope for a successful procedure and that nothing goes wrong until after treatment. After a couple of months, they would find another beauty flaw, and the cycle goes on.

Is It Important to Plan Your Plump?

The answer is an obvious “yes”. If you are planning to get Botox injections, it is always best to consult with your trusted plastic surgeon or dermatologist. If knowing whether your doctor had many successful cases in the past can soothe your mind, feel free to ask him before taking the plunge. Besides, a cosmetic procedure is not similar to shopping for clothes. You can’t just continue with the procedure just because the professional fee is cheap. You’ve got to choose the doctor that is truly skilled and reliable.

To feel at ease with your doctor is not sufficient though, because the patient must still undergo a full medical evaluation prior to any medical procedure. It is recommended to avoid consumption of any anti-inflammatory medications including Aspirin two to three days before the procedure. This will minimize the bruising effects.

Keep your Lips Plump Naturally

Can I Resume Normal Activities Right Away?

Yes. It is not at all taxing for the patient to prepare and recover from lip injections before and after treatment. In fact it is safe to drive yourself to and from the clinic without enduring painful or uncomfortable side effects. Botox lip injection is an “in and out” clinical procedure. There is no drowsiness after the procedure since there is no anesthetic or sedation required. You can go immediately to your lunch date or business appointment after the procedure.

So, is it painless? Thinking about injection is a bit scary, don’t you think? Lip Botox injection is generally painless, although some patients have compared it to a bee sting. Typically, this procedure takes five to thirty means to finish.

A Temporary Fix to Thin, Dreary Lips

Botox lip injection is not permanent. Apparently, this treatment is costly because you must repeat the procedure as often as necessary. Your sexy, plump pout could lose its volume after 2 to 4 months.

Again, Botox lip injections before and after treatment may sound easy, quick and low-risk. Yes it is easy and quick but far from low-risk. When it comes to cosmetic procedure, you’ll never know what could go wrong during the process. Think twice and weigh the pros and cons before shelling out three to five hundred dollars to get that perky pout!


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