Some Rihanna’s Diet & Exercise Tips You Can Use to Be Fit and Healthy


Most girls want to stay fit to look good. Surprisingly, it is not the only reason why people should spend time working out at the gym, running several kilometers outdoor and watch what they eat. A proper diet and regular exercise can make you not only fit but also healthy and stronger. As one of the most widely acclaimed singers, Rihanna has wowed a lot of women and girls with her body. Standing 5’9″ Rihanna definitely looks better because every part of her body is toned. Here are some of Rihanna’s diet and exercise tips.

The first of Rihanna’s diet and exercise tips has something to do with what she eats and what she doesn’t eat. There are several diet programs that are popular among celebrities such as the 5-factor diet, zone diet, South Beach diet and alkaline diet. Rihanna is on low-carb diet, which is one of the best diet plans for losing excess fat. She eliminates as much carbohydrate-rich foods.

If you want to keep your body slim, you should also minimize your intake of pasta and bread. Rihaann’s eats meat but makes sure it is lean meat and healthy fat. She also eats a lot of vegetables except starchy vegetables. She eats egg except the yolk.

Robyn RihannaRobyn Rihanna

Rihanna’s diet and exercise tips also include taking small meals every three or four hours. This works because anyone who just ate a mini meal before lunch or dinner will be half full when the time for the main meal comes.

One of the best Rihanna’s diet and exercise tips has something to do with keeping her legs toned. She jogs, walks, hikes and runs. They have been part of her regular cardiovascular workout routine. Like many women, Rihanna is not very fond of working out but her trainer is able to motivate her every now and then. They do lunges and squats to build lean muscles on the lower part of her body.

Do you remember the amount of water you need to consume daily? Rihanna makes sure that her body is never deprived of water. She even makes sure that she drinks plenty of water between meals.

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