The Runway Inspired Makeup Looks for Spring/Summer 2011


In case you are looking for a fabulous as well as easy way to redefine your beauty, you need to take a peek at the stylish makeup looks that have been created for this spring summer 2011 season!

the stylish makeup looksMakeup trends

Makeup is something that can absolutely transform the look of a person. This can be done in either a positive or negative way as it depends on how you apply the makeup and how it is suiting the person who is wearing the makeup. There are various makeup styles to choose from but the fact remains that not all suit everyone. However, the best makeup looks for spring/summer 2011 can be a great option for most women. This is because they are diverse, hence women having different facial features and skin tones can always adopt a makeup style that will suit their needs best.

Makeup trends are meant to suit the new trends in fashion so that the look that is adopted by a person can be complete. The new trends of makeup for spring/summer 2011 are absolutely fabulous and these can be an option for women of different ages, whether they are teenagers or older women. In order to ensure that you choose right, some of the best makeup looks for spring summer 2011 are detailed below. These have been inspired from the runways since the runway makeup sets the new makeup trends.

Deep glam makeup happens to be among the most amazing makeup styles that are present on the spring/summer 2011 runways. This type of makeup exudes sexiness as well as glamour in the most amazing manner. In this, both the eyes as well as the lips are enhanced by using makeup but the colors are selected carefully in order to create a sexy, luscious makeup style which is not meant to be too powerful.

Deep glam makeupchoosing bare lips

A perfect option for women who want a more vintage look will be shimmery copper or navy blue or even dark violet eye shadow besides fabulous glossy burgundy lips. This is a perfect makeup for evening or formal occasions. But this makeup is not meant for teens hence you need to tone it down in case you’re a teenager. If you’re not much fond of bold lip makeup trend, you may opt for a more natural look by choosing bare lips instead.

Another great way to upgrade your look in a stylish manner is by having playful lip makeup. There are various lipstick shades to choose from but the trendiest lip shades for this spring summer 2011 season are pink, orange, besides red as well as burgundy. Choose the shade that will suit your complexion best besides adapting to the occasion as well as your outfit in order to look dazzling. To balance the look, you maintain the rest of the makeup subtle or even go for a colored eye makeup if you want!

Bare and natural makeup is definitely timeless and ageless since it will never go out of style besides suiting women of all ages. This bare look doesn’t mean using no makeup. Rather makeup will be used in order to underline the facial features naturally.

Apply concealer as well as foundation to create perfect skin, besides enhancing your eyes by using a white colored eye pencil. You may coat your eyelashes by using one layer of mascara and leaving your lips bare or applying a clear lip gloss or even a lip colored lipstick.

Another option is to apply a touch of rosy blush to create that sweetheart look. You may experiment with these makeup styles in order to look adorable at any event or every occasion!

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