Safe Lip Plumping – Evade Risk with 2 Simple Tips

Safe Lip Plumping

Lip plumping is now very popular. This is because of celebrities like Renee Zellweger and Scarlett Johansson who have naturally pouty and very plump lips. These people are genetically gifted to have this very desirable trait. The problem is that most people are not. Let’s face the harsh reality that most of us are born with thin and unnoticeable lips. But here’s the good news! You might not be so lucky to boast a natural pout but you can still achieve fuller and plump lips by lip plumping.

First of all, lip plumping is the act of using a product in order to achieve plump and sexy lips. It can also mean using makeup to make the lips appear fuller and plumper without necessarily making it physically bigger.

This method of making the lips fuller and plumper became popular because of the numerous cases of lip enhancement surgery patients experiencing complications. The surgeries also usually cause moderate to severe pain during and after the procedure. This is exactly why lip plumping products were invented. Also, these products are very cheap when compared to the different lip enhancement procedures.

Tips on Having Plumper Lips

Making your lips sexy and plump doesn’t necessarily mean having to undergo risky lip enhancement surgery. This much desired look can be achieved through different ways. If you want to know how to make your lips plump without surgery, here are some valuable tips:

Use Makeup to Achieve this Look

Although it is only temporary and doesn’t actually make the lips fuller or bigger, this is a good way to achieve the look. This was discovered by professional makeup artists who want to make their clients look a lot better by making their lips appear fuller.

There are many ways of plumping the lips using makeup. One way is to use a lip liner in a way that the lips will look much bigger. Another way is to use eye shadow. To make your lips look fuller, use your fingertip or an eye shadow brush to apply some shimmery eye shadow to the inner center of the upper and lower lip after applying lipstick.

Make Sure to Research

When buying a lip plumping product, research is very important. This will help you find products that actually work. It can also ensure that the product you’re purchasing is safe and doesn’t cause irritation or other adverse reactions. Look for feedbacks like product reviews on the internet. Read forums and other informative websites and look for tips on the best products available. Experiment a little and test a couple of products. This will help determine which particular product works best for you.


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