Second Date Outfit Ideas For a More Romantic Soft Look


So you’ve made an unforgettable impression on your first date and got that invitation for a second date. You don’t have to surpass the show you put on during your first date. Dating is a game, you know. Capture more of the spotlight this time by playing down your outfit two notches down. Don’t give it all away on the second date, so to speak.

Keep it real on your second date and yet still paint a beautiful picture of who you really are — by being raw and game. Here are second date outfit ideas that match where exactly you’ve just been invited to:

1. Rugged Ensemble

Rugged Ensemble

If your date just invited you to a ballgame, it’s not the place to be wearing your little black dress. Show this man your avid fan side. Play him up on a bet whether you’re rooting for the same or opposite teams. Put on your denims and your team apparel but don’t look like a walking team mascot! Choose whether it’s the team jacket, shirt or ball cap you’ll be wearing. Then, loosen up and just enjoy the game.

2. Casual Impression

Casual Impression

When he has invited you for a night out among the stars, that’s when you should play up the lady side of you. Don’t look like every other girl in town. Take inspiration from the Tommy Hilfiger show. Wear a sheer, flowy and bowed casual dress. Put on your socks and a matching pair of ankle-strapped sandals or doll shoes. You’ll be vintage and sweet. Don’t forget to beam him your sweet smile.

3. Formal Dinner

Formal Dinner

If he’s taking you out to an expensive dinner date, you got to appear expensive yourself. Avoid wearing those revealing bodicon dresses just to attract his passions. See, you don’t have to show an excessive amount of skin to be attractive. Instead, reach for that calf-length dress, tailored or fit for evening affairs. Black, beige and red are your safe colors. To stand out, pull it up in mustard yellow, olive green or royal blue.

4. Street Style

Street Style

You may have found out that you both liked the same burger joint a few blocks away and he’s probably hinted that he’s making good on his promise to share a few drinks with you on that spot. You can choose to wear your denims or, simply give your office ensemble an evening transformation. Take off that blazer, unbutton your collar and roll up your sleeves. You look awesome just like that.

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5. Weekend Stroll

Weekend Stroll

The first thing you should make sure is to wear comfortable shoes. So, whatever it is that your putting on, denims or a casual dress, make sure it matches your most comfortable shoes – your trainers perhaps. In which case, slip on your ribbed dress or skater dress, pull up your hair into a bun and you’re ready to roll.


The dating game may be about first impressions on the first date but, you’ll have to show the true you from this point forward. Whether he likes it like that or not, you never have to fake it.

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