Secret Undercut Tattoos: The Newest Hair Trend to Try Out!


If you’ve been sporting this hairstyle for a while or, have done it before then, you know that it isn’t an entirely new fashion innovation. Hair tattooing has been around for some time. It has been common in Asia and among dark colored Americans, and particularly normally seen among music icons, artists, and sports celebrities. Exactly why, where and how hair tattooing began aren’t clear but, one thing is for certain, it will be around for much longer, and the rising uptake of the new undercut tattoo styling will certainly boost this stylish, daring trend this year.

Generally, hair tattooing has been loosely used to refer to actual tattooing or micro pigmentation of the scalp, shaving hair in distinctive ways to depict figures and lines in the cuts, and to putting semi-permanent paint on top of the hair to draw some shape or figure. Hair tattooing may also refer to any dual combination or combination of all three.

The Age of Undercut Tattoos

Undercut tattoos are a subset of the hair tattooing genre. These undercuts can be made exactly on the undercut, meant to be obscured when your locks are hanging down but, absolutely styled to be seen and discovered kind of like a secret waiting to be revealed!

Undercut tattoos may extend well over to the sides of the head. It’s not unusual to see women wearing shaved heads on one side and totally long locks on the other. The best ones are the types that combine undercut tattooing with both varying hair color and hair length. Goddess or punk, get down to your hair in defining your daily moods with undercut tattoos, because whether you want to keep them long or short or both, this trend is totally hot and sizzlin’!

Wondering which A-list celebrities are sporting or have sported undercut tattoos in the past. Old and young, new and old, their common denominator: they all have attitude and downright bad as sexy!

Miley Cyrus Hair
  • Miley Cyrus undoubtedly brought back the boldness and popularity of the undercut tattoo when she had her long locks cut to get a pixie cut that had shavings on the sides and under. She shocked the whole world when she did it but ‘wowed’ millions of fans as well.
  • Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the sultry and foxy Kardashian ladies, got an undercut tattoo in 2014, just in time for her 17th birthday celebration.
  • Rita Ora, British singer and actress, has sported the undercut since carving her way into stardom.

How could we forget, fashion icons from way back in the 90s, Pink and Gwen Stefani has been loud and proud wearing the undercut be it in their gigs, stadium-packed concerts, music videos, music awards night, and just simply hitting the grocery. Of course, 2000s came, and we’ve adored how this undercut look just looks amazingly breathtaking on another music superhero, Rihanna!

Getting the Undercut That Makes the Cut

Undercut That Makes the Cut

If you’re ready to get down to your undercut, here are 5 ways you can get it done to get cool (literally and figuratively) and love yourself after for taking the plunge!

1. Simple and Chic Undercut. If you have long hair, keep your long hair and enjoy the coolness of an undercut with this style. Simply get about one to two inches of your undercut razored off plainly. When you tie up your hair into a pony, it shows nicely.

2. Simple, Chic and Styled Undercut. Level up from Style No.1 by getting some shapes and neatly carved out lines on your undercut. Geometic shapes are simple and straightforwardly cool. Combine with circles and what not, just make sure to have the shape you want all figured out before getting your stylist to sign you up for this look.

3. Long, Assymetrical Undercut. If you still haven’t outgrown your love for your curls but want to get into the undercut action anyways — and, prefer it bold and stunning – surprise every one you know (and don’t know) with a fabulous, funk take at the undercut! Keep your curls on one side and get the other side shaved under on the side.

There are plenty of ways to sport this look right. No matter how you want to be seen in this style though, the common denominator that makes it ever so daring and sexy is the deep hair division. The side with the longer hair gets a significantly larger section than the shaved side of your head.

4. Assymetrical, One-Sided Undercut Pixie. Bolden it up some more, with this funky yet smarty look. Start by getting your hair boldly divided, the shorter side being shaved, and the other side cut into a one-length drama.

5. Short, Punked Up Undercut. Cut your hair super short while leaving out a handful of long, ear-length hairstrands that you can let drop on your eyebrows.

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Whether you choose to be more conservative or bolder with your undercut, make sure it’s a style that you can see yourself in and that you can live with because it will certainly take time to grow back your hair.


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