5 Secrets of a Good Marriage


According to statistics, more than 90% of adults will get married at least once in their lives. However, most of these marriages result to separation. In fact, about 43% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Why? Because most people want happy endings like in fairy tales but don’t want to work hard for it. Here are 5 Secrets of a good marriage that will last a lifetime:

  1. Communicate
  2. Secrets of a Good Marriage

    Communication is the most important part of any relationship. It is surely one of the top secrets of a good marriage. The lines of communication should always be open. You should be able to talk openly about everything. This is especially important when things go wrong like during arguments or fights. Always talk about it thoroughly and don’t leave things hanging. These issues will always come back and create another problem. You should be able to talk about money. Most couple only start talking about money when they have financial problems. You should be able to discuss money matters freely.

  3. Listen to Your Partner
  4. You shouldn’t just talk but also listen. This is one of the best secrets of a good marriage. Your spouse should be able to speak to you freely. You should be able to listen to what your partner says and respect your partner’s opinions. If you don’t, he/she will likely find someone else who will.

  5. Create Family Traditions
  6. Family picnics, out-of-town trips and vacations can create treasured memories for the future. These are also a good basis of creating a family bond that will last a lifetime. Even small rituals that have a special meaning like making coffee for your partner every morning or a cook out every Sunday can have a significant effect in strengthening your bond.

  7. Alone Time
  8. You need to have some alone time together with your partner. Going on a date without the kids can create a spark in your relationship. Once or twice a week is good enough for that special bonding time with your partner. You don’t have to spend much or any money at all. You can go on walks, watch old movies or take a class together. Quality “couple time” is one of the secrets to a long and lasting marriage.

  9. Respect
  10. No matter what happens, you should have mutual respect for each other. This applies even when you’re fighting or having arguments. Don’t forget your manners even when you’ve been together for a long time. Say “please” and “thank you”. Do something for the one you love every day. You should respect your partner’s opinions and views.


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