11 Essential Self Tanner Tips For Your Skin To Beat The Summer Heat


A well-tanned skin complexion is what we all desire to have come summer. However, the summer heat is not as welcoming as we thought it to be. In fact, the excess heat and sunshine intensity makes impossible to tan and you end up with sun damaged skin. To avoid this form of skin damage, people have decidedly shifted to self tanning. With self tanning, you no longer need to sit under the sun for longer than necessary.

Self Tanners

Tanning the skin complexion in the absence of the sun to some is unheard of. However, with the presence of beauty and skin care products, you can now tan your skin even in the absence of the sun. self-tanners are beauty products that allow you self tanner skin tone at any time that is desirable to you. This is one of the best tips for self tanning that can assist you fight skin breakage during summer. Some of the best self tanners 2017 come in different forms. Some of the types of self tanner include lotions, sprays, wiping strips among others.

Self Tanners Ingredients

Even though there are many self tanners in the market today, all of them have one single ingredient in common which is combined with others in order to make the final product effective and efficient. The ingredient is DHA. One of the major self tanner tips is to know and understand the ingredients contained in the self tanning skin care product. However, DHA is the active ingredient in self tanners. Remember, each self tanner is different from the other even though they do have one common ingredient. Here are some tips to aid you out when using self tanners.

1. Self Tanner Types

Self Tanner Types

There are many types of self tanners in the market today. in addition, there rules or application measures that come with using self tanners. You will need to know how often to apply self tanner and what self tanner types are suitable for different parts of the body and the skin in specific. Know which skin areas are suitable for lotion tanners and creams, which areas are for wipes and pads, where to use moisturizers and even how to use sprays.

2. Exfoliate


Do self tanners cause acne, the most probable answer to this question would be yes! The sun causes breakouts and acne when trying to tan your skin. However, this is not verified. However, it is essential to know in order to avoid making self tanner mistakes and above all to prevent acne formation. Exfoliating is one of the best self tanner tips face. It allows better absorption of the tanning materials since it removes all the dead skin cells and other dirt present on the skin.

3. Divide The Skin Into Different Sections

Divide The Skin  Into Different Sections

Flawless tan and a complete change in your skin complexion is dependent on the process used to apply the self tanners. Dividing the skin into different sections is one of the most effective skin care in summers tips as it ensures each and every part of your body is tanned.

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4. Wear Protective Gloves

Wear Protective Gloves

Are self tanners safe to use on bare hands? Since you do not want your hands stained or in this case tanned, then I believe wearing protective gear is in your best interests. In addition, gloves will give you a smooth applying material to lather the self tanner for skin, on the skin.

5. Buff The Joints

Buff The Joints

Self tanning hacks have becoming quite many in the market today. Do self tanners cause acne however, is a question that you should consider before using any of the hacks on your skin. It is essential that you follow the tips to self tanner your skin. Ensure that the regions that absorb extra self tanning products are buffed or wiped with a clean cloth. This will even out the tan at the very end making it flawless and smooth.

6. Allow Some Drying Time

Allow Some Drying Time

Well, if in a hurry, be sure to use types of self tanner that dry faster and easily. Otherwise, you might be forced to wear clothes on wet self tanners causing stains. However, if absolutely essential, allow the tan to sit for around 10 minutes and wear loose clothes

7. Use Moisturizers

Use Moisturizers

These are the best self tanner tips face and the easiest skin care in summers tips to follow. Using adequate moisturizers maintains the already gained tan in place. It ensures that you learn to regulate how often to apply self tanner in order to preserve the skin.

8. Exercise Patience

 Exercise Patience

It is hard not to ignore the tired muscles after a day of applying the self tanning products on the skin. All you may need is to have a bath and go to bed. Well, none of this is possible. Bathing will wash away the tan and sleeping will stain your bed. Cancel your gym class and any other workout sessions. You cannot go sweating for the day. These self tanner tips are aimed at ensuring that the desired final outcomes are achieved.

9. SPF


Tanned skin does not mean immunity to sunshine and harmful sunrays. In fact, tanned skin is more prone to sun Damage and burns. Therefore, wearing sunscreen or SPF is one of the most fundamental tips for self tanning. Ensure that you keep it in mind. In addition, avoid any associated sunscreen mistakes by ensuring you follow the ways of applying sunscreen effectively.

10. Prepare The Skin For The Tan

Prepare The Skin For The Tan

The skin requires to be smooth if you are to apply self tanners following the skin care in summers tips given. Smoothening the skin means getting rid of any blemish and even shaving off all the skin hairs. You are also advised to exfoliate it as it one of the most effective self tanning hacks.

11. Use The Right Product To Match Your Skin Type And Tone

Use The Right Product To Match Your Skin Type And Tone

Self tanner tips including knowing your skin type, understanding essential ingredients that work well with your skin and those that elicit allergic reactions. In addition, tone and skin type determine how often to apply self tanner and the types of self tanners suitable for your skin.

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