Easy and Effective Tips for Semi-permanent Eyebrows


The media is playing a huge role in influencing how you view your appearance. For instance, let’s focus on the eyebrows. You may have sparsely or densely layered hair. The fortunate thing is that brows can be thickened, reshaped or darkened. It all depends on your preference. If you find it necessary, get them recreated entirely. The thought of having semi-permanent brows that look perfect and not having to devote time applying makeup is amazing.

What you are Doing Wrong

For those who have skinny arches, there is little you can do on your own without having the right tools and skills. You may opt to either thread or wax but there is a high chance you will make your brows even look worse. Opting to watch videos on YouTube that concern filling the brows may help, but if you are not good in doing makeup, it will turn out disastrous. Using pencils to sketch your misaligned arches with a mixture of powder, gel and wax takes too much time and eventually not giving you the desired look you want.

Micro-Blading Provides a Solution


Micro-blading technique provides semi-permanent results. Conversely, unlike the harsh old-school eyebrow tattoos, this technique creates natural-looking subtle eyebrows by simply imitating strokes of the eyebrow hairs.

This technique needs a manual device with tiny needles aligned in a row. The alignment aids in depositing dye directly into the skin’s second layer(the dermal). The device looks more like a pen and produces remarkable results of natural-looking arches. This is because the tiny needles carve hyper-precise strokes that look like your actual brow hair.

Visit a Micro-Blading Expert

Micro-Blading Expert

Identify a competent and experienced expert. You do not want to get scary semi-permanent brows that will make you look ridiculous. Considering that tiny tattoos are in style, treat yourself by getting fly eyebrows.

The clients these experts get range from patients suffering from alopecia and cancer to women who only want to boost their arches’ shape. Modern men are also making a point of visiting these ‘eyebrow doctors’. Micro-blading can be beneficial to any type of eyebrow as it also works on every skin tone.

The whole process may take close to two hours. At first, you need to determine the impeccable brow color and shape that will suit you. Attention has to be paid to your eye color, skin tone and face shape in order to settle on a good choice. The expert will map the new brow perfectly with the help of a thick pencil.

The expert will use the mapped brows as a guide when etching each stroke. Before the tattooing begins, a numbing agent will be applied onto the arches. The expert will start imprinting individual hair-like pigmented lines into the brows. It may be slightly painful, but for perfect results, you need to stay still.
Once the process is over and you have your fleekbrows, avoid wetting the brows as moisture may result to a fading effect. You will need to apply an antibiotic ointment and stay with it an entire day. Also, apply Vaseline before showering, working out, sleeping or in the morning.

This technique is pricey but the final results are worth it. It will not only make you prettier but also boost your confidence. Thus, highly recommended as it will make you feel at your best and remind you how beautiful you are.


You can achieve your desired semi-permanent eyebrows by implementing the above tips. Some may be costly, but the results are worth the cost.

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