5 Must Have Shoes to Complete your Wardrobe


It is not a secret that women love shoes, ranging from pumps all the way to pretty kittens. The more they are, the better it gets, as they have a variety to select from. However, at times ladies get distracted by some features i.e. feathery fairings, shiny look etc. thus end up disregarding the everyday basic. This is now the time to make sure that your shoe wardrobe is well set. The information provided gives insight on the basic five pairs that will see you through different occasions. Hence, we will focus on these life-saver closet companions that see us get through every season.

1.Nude Pumps

Nude Pumps

If you still do not have nude heels in your shoe wardrobe, this is the time for you to grab a pair. Going nude with your heels will make you look twice as sexy. You can rock them at a semi-casual occasion or when going for an evening date.These type of shoes tends to add a sultry style to your overall look.

2. Cork Wedge

Sandal wedges come in handy during the summer. It is definitely a sandal that has some height addition, which makes it even better. Going for a nude wedge sandal makes it more versatile. You can rock this type of shoe with either a dress or a jeans.

3. Pretty Colored Ballet Flats

Pretty Colored Ballet Flats

They are comfortable, pretty and also referred to as run-around shoes. With them on your feet, it becomes easy for you to scoot around town. They easily blend with everything, hence making them qualify as your feet’s best friend. A black colored ballet flat is an acceptable and great choice, but you have the freedom to explore as many colors as possible. Red always gives a pleasant look. However, feel free to explore as many print and color options as possible.

4. All-Time Classic Black Heels

There is absolutely no excuse for not possessing this type of shoe in your shoe wardrobe. These shoe type adds sophistication and can pull together any type of outfit. It is quite basic and considered as a must have. They are quite a variety, it all depends with your preference and likes. There is absolutely no limiting factor on what you can blend this type of shoe with. These shoes will service you for several years, hence making them a worthy investment.

5. Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

With this pair you are definitely going to have a variety of clothing to choose from especially for the black colored ones. A closed pair of black ankle boots is perfect for cool weather. The 4.5” heel has some extra scoop of chic that makes it edgy while at the same time lengthening your legs. The main difference that makes it stand out is the material they have i.e. soft leather. They go well with a dress or a pair of jeans.


This information will assist you settle for the basic type of shoes that will aid you get through every single day. You will no longer have an excuse of not having the shoes to match your wardrobe at any given moment. Ensure you settle on the right pairs that perfectly fits your feet and are extra comfortable. Therefore, you would have added some gloss to your overall appearance. This will make you feel great while at the same time look more glamourous and elegant.

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