New Short and Chic Celebrity Hairstyle


Over many years now, when one was thinking of creating a new look for themselves for whatever reason, they would often turn to celebs for possible direction. Fusing different traits of cuts that are classy with hair styling tendencies that are modern in the short and chic celebrity hairstyle, move things up to a higher level. Finding that chic hairstyle one is seeking might possibly take some effort to investigate different short hair style ideas. Let’s talk about a few of them now.

It truly seems that in very recent days, the tendency of so many of those celebrities who have been sporting long locks for some time has completely turned about face to their embracing short hair styles. It really does seem that any discussion of the latest hairstyle 2011 will feature haircuts that allow for much greater exposure of the celebrities facial features. There is a consensus of opinion that the fans of these folks are showing great appreciation for that being the case. Feedback continues to show how those fans and admirers feel that the new hair styles are accentuating the more elegant and feminine sides of the person wearing them. One seeking to create their new look for themselves would be well advised to carefully examine the results so many of their favorites are sporting with the new looks they are offering.

The unique pixie hairstyle

Carey MulliganHalle Berry
Carey Mulligan
Halle Berry
Audrey TautouSharon Stone
Audrey Tautou
Sharon Stone

Whether one is dealing with hair that is very thick or extremely thin, so many are discovering the advantages provided by the attractive pixie haircuts. These hair styles that are chic and voguish when paired with the lovely facial features that one possesses are a virtual guarantee of a popular and well approved look being offered.

So many people were totally enthralled and mesmerized by the pixie trend being taken to another level by those celebs sporting the chopped and tousled look or the alternative one. And with the great success it has shown, these prominent actresses and celebrities are only now some of the promoters of this ever increasing popular trend. One would be wise to take as much as they can from this look and then add to it their own unique fashion ideas to establish the look generated as theirs and theirs alone.

Haircuts That Are Close-Cropped

RihannaSarah Harding
Sarah Harding
Michelle WilliamsVictoria Beckham
Michelle Williams
Victoria Beckham

An alternative for one to consider to the pixie look is the close-cropped haircut. Basically, one will feature longer strands in front in the area of the bangs, with a short trim of those strands at the neck’s nape.

One can bring attention to their more mysterious side as well as their ultra feminine one perhaps by sweeping those bangs stylishly off to one side.

Short Bob Style Haircuts

Jenna ElfmanKeri Hilson
Jenna Elfman
Keri Hilson
Jessica StroupAgyness Deyn
Jessica Stroup
Agyness Deyn

For a long time now Bob hair styles have been a popular choice for those often in the spotlight and that continues to this day. At times, the person involved will add their own personal touch to the mix such as layers a bit choppy, or stylish bangs and curls. The bottom line is that there are a lot of possibilities for one to consider that are out there to be seen.


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