Short Haircut Trends in Winter 2011


There are a number of different and attractive short haircut trends that are appearing during the winter 2011 season, and they all hold their own special appeal. Some of these include the renewed and refashioned bowl cut, the vintage wave look, and the attractive layered bob. Whichever type is selected, the good news is that the short hair style is appealing in a youthful sense, and it does so much to accentuate the facial qualities of the person sporting it.

Short Haircut Trendsshort hair look

There was a time when women thought and believed that only long hair and hairstyles allowed them to exude the most sex appeal possible. That thought has long since been dispelled, and that is personified this season especially by the wide variety of attractive and appealing short haircuts one sees all around them. These versatile and very feminine styles are also great because of the ease they offer and provide someone to alter the look presented slightly without too much trouble. The other added bonus is that they are extremely low maintenance and very easy to be taken care of without any hassling at all.

For that individual who has always had long hair and is thinking of finally taking the plunge and giving the short hair look a chance, there are a number of considerations they might want to think about before the actual cutting begins. For instance, they should be making a careful assessment of all of their facial features so as to select the proper cut that will accentuate them. They also should give some thought to gearing the style cut to their own unique personality and lifestyle.

hairstyleshair style

One of the hairstyles that is drawing great attention is that one known as “a la garconne”. This style is widely acclaimed as being able to truly accentuate one’s wholesomeness and cheery disposition. Other advantages are that it is so easy to maintain and it gives someone a chance to truly use their imagination when considering their use of different make ups.

Still another style that has drawn a lot of attention this season is that known as the glam-rock hairstyle. Most look at this as one that provides a modern, sexy appeal and it also has the advantage of being very simple to care for.

For anyone who is a bit hesitant to make the move to an extremely short style immediately, they may look to get there a bit more gradually. They might check out what has become known as the reinvented bob style. This style will put them in the middle between the long hair style they are coming from, and the very short style which is probably where they will ultimately go but this style will allow them to work their way there gradually.

The bob cut is one of those timeless styles that one cannot go wrong with this or any other season. This particular season showcases the bob cut in a shorter version than at other times in the past.

Another veteran hairstyle that is backing bigger and better than ever this season is the always trendy bowl cut. Whether one opts for a shorter or longer version of the bowl cut, they are guaranteed to draw admiring glances.

hair stylenaturally curly hair

Two other styling’s that are drawing attention this season and being considered by many are the vintage and the retro versions. Those experimenting with either of these will usually garner their share of favorable reactions.

Those folks lucky enough to have naturally curly hair are looking into a glam-rock hairstyle which is one that accentuates the curly styling toward one side and the end result is a very sexy presentation and look.

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