Simple Tips to Start With Your Makeup


Skin is the mode through which our beauty reflects. To enhance the beauty number of skin care products are manufactured and used. To add glow to your beauty it is important to care your skin regularly. Nearly all the working women use makeup daily. Even on special occasions make up is must to add glow and brightness to your beauty. For this purpose some essential makeup tips should be followed.

Some simple points should be kept in mind while performing makeup. Due to wrong and inadequate prescription you might have to face adverse effects of some strong products. Therefore, it’s important to be careful and alert while do using skin and makeup products. Here are some tips for doing perfect makeup:

Before applying foundation or concealer use toner to ensure proper blend of colors and shades. Apply good moisturizer that will keep your skin moist for longer time.

While applying foundation use a proper blend and using fingertips apply in outward direction. Apply it properly at one area of skin at time. If you are starting from forehead proceed towards cheeks and end up at neck portion giving upward direction. Using sponge for application of foundation or concealer can give you with better results with good blend.

After application of foundation, you can apply concealer that will allow you to know uneven spots of your skin. Never cover whole face with concealer, simply apply in dots where you can see uneven skin spots. In actual sense concealer is used for covering the unwanted portion of skin. Therefore, use finger tips or sponge brush to apply concealer that will provide a good blend of colors that you require.

Translucent powder provides little brightness and reduces unnecessary shining and allows your skin to look natural. For oily skin apply translucent powder over T-zones as it will reduce some of the excess oil giving natural glow to your face.

Blushers are applied with gentle circular motion above cheek bone area with your fingers. Avoid its application below cheekbone area and area the eyes. Always keep in mind that while using blush with brush, remove extra blush to give natural appearance of makeover.

Prefer skin color or no color eye shadow that will provide a base upto the brow bone. For better eye shape use dark colors on the outer area of eye or o the crease. If this becomes more prominent and dark use a little translucent powder to fade its darkness.

For thicker appearance of eye lashes use eyeliner close to eyelashes base using soft eyeliner pencil.

For perfect shaping of eye brows with pencil, hold the pencil such that it lies at base of nose. Making a correct angle align to inner line of eyebrow and apply it smoothly giving sharp shape. To give more natural and pretty makeover use brush loaded with eye shadow power for eyebrows.

For best results and natural appearance of makeup do not use over dated products. Just check out the time period that you use for different makeup products.

Foundation – approximately one year
Mascara – not more then 3 or 4 months
Shadow or blush – approximately 2 years
Lipstick – nearly 1 to 2 years
Powder – not more then 2 years

The sponges used should be cleaned daily as well as before use. Wash them by using natural shampoo and make it dry. The sponge used for makeup should not be used for more then 3 to 5 weeks approximately.

Make sure that you use perfect matching blend to suit your skin tone. Especially women at the age of 40 to 50 years of age should carefully keep this thing in mind.

Always keep your lip moisturized when dressed up with makeup. Apply suitable lip liner to shape your lips and use lip brush for coloring with lipstick. Select best color to suit your complexion. Makeup without lipstick is nearly incomplete.

Always cover the dark circles around eyes by using concealer before applying eyeliner. Otherwise it may give a dark makeover to your eyes.

However, these simple but effective tips will help you to give a perfect natural look after makeup.


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