7 Gorgeous Fall Hair Colors to Try According to Your Skin Tone


Dare to rock a new hairstyle this Fall? Why not pack in a full punch with a new hair color too? Check out 7 of Fall’s trendiest hair colors and see if it fits you:

1. Caramel Blonde

Caramel Blonde

Made richly colored than the traditional blonde hair color, this shade is perfect for the pale skinned. With deeper hues, and touched up with highlights, it will strike up a balance with dull, lifeless skin tone. It is also perfect for those with a naturally tanned skin. Wear this season’s trendiest haircuts with bangs, same way Taylor Swift did.

2. Brown Red:Top brass and best-dressed actresses, Emma Stone and Amy Adams have been wrapped in this shade many times before so too have Nicole Scherzinger and Rihanna. This color will work up the same head turning effect for every skin color in between. It’s practically the shade of Fall. It’s a daring color but it stays true and natural.

3. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

Get hints of reds on the roots and blonde all the way from there to the tips for a gorgeously. This shade will appear perfectly natural for fair skinned to pale skinned women. Add a colorful frame to your already toned down face with hair so you can get away with a no makeup look and still appear as if you spent hours perfecting your look.

4. Coffee and Highlights: Thinking of getting the really short, barber haircut that Kate Mara is currently trending? Get the sophisticated hairstyle in coffee shade. Throw in some highlights to brighten your face.

5. Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde

Sway your hair like Victoria’s Secret Model Candice Swanepoel. This hair color is goes perfectly with long, soft curls. While this shade will be bring warmth on pale skinned ladies, it will work up a rich, natural blonde shade for those with a naturally tanned skin as well. Deeper colored skinned tones like those of Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé will benefit from the highlighing effect this shade brings to the face.

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6. Melted Ombre: Add energy to your natural looking waves with a melter ombre. Yes, that’s right, it ain’t new but, it ain’t out either. Darker roots, gradient tips and highlights that give a subtle contrast in color that is very unlike the old ombre.

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7. Soft Black

Soft Black

Kylie Jenner was in love with this shade before she decided to give herself a bleach. Now, Kendall is sporting it. We’ve seen every celebrity who matters wear this shade at different points too — Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox and Zendaya among them. If you want to give the shade a little oomph, highlight your tips with a touch of deep red.


Let the rich colors of Fall inspire you to give your face a new and refreshing frame. Pick up a color you like and check against your skin. If you want to take big time risks, you may want to get an app that lets you have a sneak peek wearing the hair color of your choice first.

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