Skinceuticals Phloretin Cf Gel Review

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Published: Jun 9, 2017 | Last Updated: May 20, 2019

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What Is Skinceuticals Phloretin Cf Gel?

Skinceuticals Phloretin Cf Gel, US $166 for 30 ml, is an antioxidant rich product formulated to give your skin and your skin cells with utmost protection from irreversible free radical damage. More specifically, this product is has been designed to bring you the following skin care benefits:

  • Flood your skin with powerful antioxidants that will help improve protection from damage which starts off aging skin.
  • Aid in revitalizing your skin cells so that important skin functions, including rejuvenation, repair and regeneration, can happen much sooner.
  • Help drive up collagen production to restore your skin’s optimal level of health.
  • With regular product application, improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and other signs of skin aging.

Skinceuticals, founded by a team with extensive exposure in skin cancer research, was later acquired by L’Oreal.

However there are many other well known brands in the market with similar effects and ingredients and they come in a affordable range.

What Are The Ingredients In Skinceuticals Phloretin Cf Gel?

Skinceuticals Phloretin Cf Gel
  • L-Ascorbic Acid (10%): Provides your skin very high levels of this nutrient which serves multiple functions, including re-energizing your skin cells to help these regain the power to make vital skin healing and rejuvenation processes to happen sooner, providing antioxidant protection from free radicals, brighten your complexion, and help improve collagen production levels.
  • Phloretin (2.0%): Also a powerful antioxidant, this ingredient helps force your skin to turnover, while its natural astringent properties also help whiten dark skin imperfections and brighten your overall complexion.
  • Ferulic Acid (0.5%): Give Vitamin C further boost to deliver on its skin functions while simultaneously also acting as antioxidant.
  • Butylene Glycol: This ingredient is a colorless organic alcohol used as a solvent and as a conditioning agent. This ingredient can cause a rashes and other forms of irritation in individuals with sensitive skin.

How To Apply Skinceuticals Phloretin Cf Gel

  • Apply Skinceuticals Phloretin Cf Gel in the morning or at night, or use with both your day time and night time skincare routines for best results.
  • Always apply product on freshly cleansed and toned skin.

Benefits Of Skinceuticals Phloretin Cf Gel

  • This product is laden with what the manufacturer claims to be three of the most potent antioxidants, that is, Vitamin C, phloretin and ferulic acid.
  • This product provides a highly straightforward and slim formulation dedicated to provide your skin with the protective and age preventive power of antioxidants.
  • This product improves the appearance of wrinkles and age spots on her skin. Although many user reviews say it isn’t very effective.

Disadvantages Of Skinceuticals Phloretin Cf Gel

  • This product does nothing else but flood your skin with antioxidants.
  • The price is too expensive both in terms of the quality of formula that you can get and the quantity which is a tiny bottle of serum.
  • A Skinceuticals Phloretin CF gel review posted by a critic pointed out that a very high level of Vitamin C can be potentially irritating to most skin types, but most especially to people with sensitive skin.
  • This product may cause skin irritation.

Final Verdict : Skinceuticals Phloretin Cf Gel

Skinceuticals Phloretin Cf Gel may appear like it is providing an unprecedented level of Vitamin C locked in a bottle. However, Vitamin C functions best in a team, most especially one that is composed of Vitamin E and B3. At such a steep price, there are many other alternatives that can best this product in multiple fronts, including value for your money.

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