3 Must Have Products for Smooth, Sleek, and Straight Hair in Winter


Winter can be specially drying to your skin and also damaging to your hair. When frizzy, unruly hair is your perennial beauty issue, you can be certain that the problem will intensify with the onset of the colder winter months.

Don’t fret. There are simple, tried and tested techniques that you can try to get that frizz out and let your hair down, literally, keep it smooth and silky all throughout the season and beyond.

The only 3 Products you Need for Sleek, Straight Hair

The top secret to getting unwrinkled hair may be in the genes but, that doesn’t have to end there. Use these three other products to enhance your hair health and healthy, straight appearance:

1. Sulfate-free, Rinse out Conditioner

Conditioner is a must but, you don’t have to wash your hair everyday or else, you’ll strip off its natural oils which will cause your hair to become even more frizzy and difficult to manage. Choose a conditioner that does not contain sulfates and silicones so as to refrain from leaving product residues on your hair and scalp which have the tendency to stay in, build up, and cause your scalp to become flaky and your hair deprived of moisture.

2. Leave in Natural Oil

Leave in Natural Oil

Bring back the moisture deep within your hair strands and scalp by rinsing in a natural oil like virgin coconut oil or moroccan oil from roots to tips. Apply on damp, not dripping wet, hair. Leave on and alone for a few minutes before styling. An essential oil will be able to easily penetrate your roots, and correct and protect the tips from drying out.

3. Anti-frizz Hairspray or Hair Polish

Tame those stubborn strands and keep it that way by controlling friction in your hair using an anti-frizz hairspray. If your frizzy hair problem isn’t too bad, you can well just settle for a hair polish to keep your strands down and give it added silkiness and shine.

Other Tips for Smoother, Straighter Hair

There are more ways that you can improve how your hair behaves by following these tips:

Treat Your Hair

1. Use brushes and combs that are not made of plastic. Plastics creates friction when rubbed against your hair.

2. Use heat styling sparingly. Sure, your hair looks better when either blow dried or ironed but, in the long run, you’ll have to bear with the damage that follows.

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3. Always use a heat protecting product when you heat treat your hair. It sounds like just marketing but these products do help add another layer of protection between your hair strands and that very hot flat iron you’re holding in your hands.


The hair you’ve been born with is just one part of the beautiful hair equation. Transform how your hair behaves and looks today by giving it the five star treatment it deserves. Other than getting all these recommended products, you do have to allot some more time and effort to tame your locks.

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