Smart Tips to Look Awesome this Christmas


Christmas is one of the holidays in the year that the world celebrates. It’s a time for gift-giving and of course, Christmas parties. Whatever party you’ll attend to – whether a family get-together or partying with friends – make yourself look pretty and classy all the time by wearing the right makeup. Avoid gaudy looks which can make you out of place. You don’t need to buy expensive makeup brands just to look your best this holiday season.

Here are some smart tips to help you:

Smart Tips to Look Awesome this Christmas
  • One of the tips to look amazing this Christmas is to wear false eyelashes. Women with short or long lashes will both benefit from this. Longer and fuller eyelashes accentuate the eyes, transforming your look from “plain jane” to fabulous you. Putting false eyelashes can be hard at first but with practice, it will be very easy to do.
  • If you are worried about makeup, you will not go wrong with “smokey eyes”. Smokey eyes can make you look fierce and sexy. Charcoal, smokey dark and gray shades are the best eye shadows to use to achieve this look. After applying eye shadow, never forget to apply eyeliner and mascara.
  • Among the best tips to look amazing this Christmas is wearing red lipstick. This can be bright red, dark red, crimson and wine colors. Electric red shades are not a problem if it complements your skin tone. When wearing bold lips, opt for a less dramatic eye makeup.
  • If you want to keep the eyes simple, you can tone down your eye shadow but you should never forget applying eyeliner. To give you a dramatic look, liquid black eyeliner is great. It enhances the lids and eyelashes.
  • What about your cheeks? You can apply dry loose powder to accentuate your cheeks. Applying bronzer on the cheeks will be great for your look too.
  • To finish the look, apply a few shimmery powder on the face. This will give you an amazing look for the Christmas season.

Choosing Your Colors

Smart Tips to Look Awesome this Christmas

While there are makeup trends this Christmas season, it is always best to stick with the colors that suit you the most. You’re lucky if the latest trend works for you, but if it’s not flattering on you, forget it. If you have a fair skin, vibrant shades are a good option. On the other hand, if you have dark skin, stick to bronze and metallic shades. Always make sure your chosen makeup colors match your skin tone.

These smart tips to look amazing this Christmas are very easy to do. Christmas happens once a year so make an effort to always look your best when you meet your old friends and relatives once again.


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