Smokestack Hair Color is the New Look You Need to Know About


Smokestack hairstyle is the in thing. Everybody is talking about it. You might have heard it from the media, peers, or read it from the internet. But what exactly is the smokestack hair style and why is everyone making a fuss over it? Well, hold your breath as in this article we are going to talk about nothing else but this awesome latest invention in the hair industry.

It is basically a multi-dimensional of colors that blends into a stunning smoky show. This hairstyle combines grey and purple shades that gradually go from light to dark as you move down the length of your hair. The result is a smoky color effect that shimmers with movement. Amazing? I know. It is the latest trend in hairstyles and tops the charts at the moment. By the look of thing it’s going to stay there for a while.

The Evolution

Various inventions are being made in the various sectors of the society today. They say new ideas are made from the old ones. This is especially true when it come to the smokestack hairstyle. Smokestack hairstyle is the brainchild of Vadre Grigsby, an artistic colorist director for Pravana. It was named after the different plumes of smoke that come out of a smokestack. It is a dyeing technique and you are not restricted to any color combinations. Mainly, it combines five shades of black-based hues that are layered in angles to drape in a natural ingredient. Once the combination is applied to the hair, you will be able to get an amazing look with that smoky effect. It basically comes from the obsession of people with rainbow colors and the recent one is inspired by the autumn spirit.

How is it Applied?

Homemade Natural Hair Detangler

Like most dyes, this combination of colors works best in bleached or light hair. The hairstylist simply splits your hair into layers and dyes each section in a gradient. When Grigby created the look, he used VIVIDS hair color by Pravana. If you are looking to have this look, your hairstylist may follow the following steps:

  • On bleached blonde hair, divide the hair in triangle shaped sections.
  • Apply a royal purple hair color mix on the section at the nape of your apply it on the furthest point from your hairline.
  • Above the royal purple section, take a two-inch-wide section, and coat it with a bright purple dye.
  • Grab two inches more and apply a deep periwinkle shade of hair color.
  • Above the periwinkle section, take two more inches section and sweep a vibrant purple color onto it.
  • Using the same procedure, take the above section and apply a deep/ enriched lavender hue.
  • The finishing touch involves coating the rest of the hair (the one closest to the hairline) with a pale purple shade.
  • Finally, don’t forget to rise, and shampoo the hair. Add some conditioner to soften the hair.

The result will be this amazing look that is light at the roots of the hair and darkens as you go down the hair length. You won’t fail to make a few heads turn with this smoky effect look as you go by your daily activities.

Why You Need To Have This Hairstyle

Though it can work for all hairs, it is especially awesome for blondes who want to have a change of their hair. If you are a rainbow hair lover, then am pretty sure you will be obsessed with this look in no time. It allows one to get this mixture of colors in their hair that looks absolutely amazing. This trend combines plum, grey lilac, amethyst and violet hues giving your hair a perfectly new look. You can imagine rainbow shades being combined with neutral grey what the results could be. It is being hailed as the autumn hair trend to watch out for and I couldn’t agree more. It is bound to take the hairstyle industry in storm within no time; it’s just a matter of time.


The smokestack hairstyle by Vandre Grigsby is a definite go-to-have-look this year. It gives you that multicolored effect the looks like billowing smoke from a factory. For the daring kind, you may create the mixtures at home as there is a step by step tutorial to help you do exactly that. However, if you are a bit skeptical about the entire thing, you may ask your hairstylist to do it for you; otherwise you may end up with a lavender swirly mess. Since it works best for blonde hair (or bleached hair), you may need to lighten the hair before you apply the color on your hair. It is the only way you are sure that the resulting look is nothing short of stunning.


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