How to Get Smokey Eyes Make – Up Quickly

Smokey eyes Make-up QuicklySmokey eyes Make-up Quickly

What is something you can do to get an attractive, desirable, seductive fashion look? Smokey eyes are quite the style for some time now, and this trend seems to be continuing on. This smokey eye makeup has been in fashion for a lengthy time and should be around for a long while. Smokey eyes style has been popular for a long time, and there is not a chance that it will disappear. You will look beautiful with this style of makeup.

Here are some easy, simple ways to create smokey eye make-up in as little as 5 minutes. Blending the makeup properly is the way to getting gorgeous smokey eyes. You will have to make sure that your eye colors are mixed correctly. Another smokey eye makeup tip is to place the lighter colors with the darker colors. Some typical mixtures include gold with purple on top, champagne with blue and peach base with green colors. You can have brown smokey eyes or you can do smokey eyes makeup for black eyes.

Smokey Eye Make UpSmokey Eye Make Up

Getting your eye lids ready is the first thing to prepare for smokey eye make-up. You have to make sure that your eye shadow does not melt in your eyelid’s crease. You will need to begin with eye shadow first as a base. Then, apply the eyeliner. If you want to have gray, brown, or black smokey eye makeup, you will have to put the eyeliner in that color on just above the line of your upper eye lash. Then, you can make that line thicker in the middle part of your eye.

Key to any smokey eyes makeup 2012 is creation of color on your bottom eyelashes. You will need to use lighter eyeliner. Once that is put on, you will have to smudge this to make that smokey look. Then, apply a lighter base color to your eyelids. You should put this on your eyelids all the way to your brow bone.

Darker Eye ShadowDarker Eye Shadow

The next task is to start blending darker color into it. The shade you pick has to be kept below your eyelid’s crease. Next, you should create your smokey eyes after you have done the previous step. You will have to have a darker eye shadow hue. Using your eye shadow applicator brush, you can start mixing in the shades beginning at your lash line and going up. Then, you have to keep on blending the colors into the eyelash area so that the eye liner really disappears. Once you’ve reached your eyelid’s crease line, you can stop with the darker color.

Finally, you need to check again what you have done so that you can make sure both of your eyes look the same. If you need to mix in more shades of colors, you can take a Q-tip to do so. Finish up your smokey eye make-up look with several layers of mascara. With a little imagination, and some practice, you, too, can have the smokey eyes makeup look that is ever popular and should remain so for a really long time.

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