Snappy Bobs and Crops of Celebrities

Keira KnightleyAlexa Chung

Everyone loves Keira Knightley, but she has been out of the spotlight lately. Some say the best way to come back out of the woodwork is to do something different. This favorite British actress has done just that, thanks to our love of stylish hairstyles. She has snipped her seasoned do and gone with a much shorter, jaw-hugging, double-colored bob. On the other side of the beat, Alexa Chung is also sporting a bob, though hers is a bit more edgy. She is managing to pull off a daring fringe of blonde highlights.

Lily AllenParis Hilton

Lily Allen is also representing this hot trend of celebrity bobs. This one is sharp! A short bob is ideal for anyone who cannot invest a great deal of time on primping. Paris Hilton has (finally!) turned away from those porn-star extensions. This celebrity crops her hair in a chic and shiny bob worth a second look.

Selma BlairKate Bosworth

Of all the celebrity hairstyles mentioned, Selma Blair has one of the most interesting. She traded mid-length tresses for a pixie crop. When it comes to Celebrity Hairstyles 2012, many people had their eye out for Kate Bosworth. She does not disappoint with an evening edge bob.

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