Sneak Peek: The Makeup Show


With Christmas around the corner, Sneak peek is the makeup show that is run by professionals from the beauty industry to introduce new products and tools, while sharing experiences from consumers who have used such items. With the continuous emergence of new cosmetic products, beauty lovers need a platform where they can openly discuss their experiences with beauty brands. With such a forum, both positive and negative experiences with these products are freely expressed.

Let’s have a look at some latest makeup innovations that will be flocking near your cosmetic stores very soon:

I Make You Beautiful Magic Touch Applicator (IMUB)

While beauty lovers adore most beauty blenders to enhance the appearances on their skin, IMUB’s Magic Touch applications have embraced air compression technology for cosmetic purposes. Although it’s hard to believe the science behind it, this tool lets the product to get close to your face before it’s buffed up to perfection. Irrespective of your skin type, you can contour your face to look like Kardashian, or get a fresh and dewy finish. It doesn’t matter whether you are using cream or powder over a dry or moist skin!

London Brush Company James Vincent LTD. Edition Set

The makeup show couldn’t miss to peep through these brushes which appear like the ones were for a few decades used in Catholic grade schools for solving math problems, credit to their orange handles. They come with super soft fibers that offer a good grip to eyeliner cosmetic products for a flawless look. Although they appear to be broken, their bunk shape helps to enhance their value while enabling you apply a gel product as close to your lash line as possible. Thumb up James Vincent!

Makeup For Ever’s Artist Shadow 1 Palette

This is another product that sneak peeks by the makeup show couldn’t have missed out. It comes in a matte black case with the palette boasting of nine shadows and an instruction booklet. With this product, you can get three looks—Natural, Smoky and Chic. By mastering instructions in the booklet, you can easily mix and match your eye shadow looks that are gorgeous. However, if you are a beginner with cosmetic brands, expect nothing more that fancy, neutral or smoky eye looks. You can use the palette to get the most coveted Angelina Jolie’s eye makeup in the movie “Wanted.”



Have you ever coveted the lips of Kylie Jenner with a nude matte lipstick in 428? IGLOT apart from being very dry is also very matte but it doesn’t produce a drying feeling. If you have been yearning for a gloss-free lip, IGLOT is one of the best options. However, you should start with a lip balm before using, as it becomes lippie as matte as it gets.

Danessa Myricks Line

Danessa Myricks is set to launch her own line of faux lashes in the coming days. The lashes are not only amazing and beautiful but are 100% human hairs that have been handcrafted with different adorable styles. Some of the upcoming brands include “Euphoria,” “Inspire” and “Thrive.” “Thrive” seems to be the most outstanding but other brands will still be the best match for many cosmetic lovers.

Senna Cosmetic

Eugenia Weston, the QUEEN of brows, from the Senna Cosmetics will also be in the house. Eugenia was the launched this line of cosmetic products as one of the first for makeup artists. She has in the past few days showcased her line of brow palettes and products. Most of the products are highly pigmented and you can’t afford to miss them in your cosmetic kit.

Melanie Mills’ Ultimate Body System

Melanie Mills, an award-winning makeup artist who is currently the key makeup artist for the talk show, The Real, launched her “Ultimate body system,” a line of cute bronzers for body and face. She also launched a line of lip glosses that have highly pigmented colors to enhance your glow. Don’t forget to check her line of beauty products on her official website


Mehron is The Cheek Powder/Cheek Cream palette which looks like a brush and comes with many hues for both dry and moist formulations. The colors appear to be highly pigmented and concentrated in the pan, and with the help of the Crown Brush, you can enhance your appearance.


TEMPTU is The Limited Edition liquid bronzer that comes in Terra Gold that the makeup show and sneak peeks couldn’t afford to miss out. If you don’t prefer a bronzer appearance, you can mix it with a few drops of a moisturizer to get a little custom glow.


Model Makeup

With advances in technology, cosmetic companies are continually inventing amazing products for the growing beauty industry that is doing great business across the globe. You should not miss the opportunity to attend the Makeup Show that set to be held at the Bridgeport Art Center. It will be the center stage for aspiring and working makeup artist to demonstrate their new products and educate the public on how to apply makeup properly. It will also be a golden opportunity to interact and take selfies with prominent personalities and professionals in the cosmetic industry.


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