Snowflake Eye Makeup: Trendy Makeup To Look Festive This Christmas


When Christmas is around the corner, our days become so busy yet filled with joy and anticipation. We are so excited about the coming tinselly holiday season: a wonderful time to cozy up by the fireplace, enjoying the sweet smell of cinnamon cookies and seeing all the sparkles from the Christmas lights reflected in the eyes of happy children. It’s also a wonderful time for holiday parties! But no matter how we celebrate – we definitely want to look our best for this upcoming jolly season. And if you are looking for some beauty tips to shine this Christmas, you definitely should check out these prettiest festive makeup ideas which (no doubt!) will get you into the holiday spirit right away!
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What is one of the delightful features of winter holidays? Of course, it’s snow! Despite how old or young we all are, we are still fond of the glistening snowflakes – of those tiny falling stars dancing in the air and melting on our warm hands and rosy cheeks… What a great inspiration for the holiday maquillage! If you are wondering how to look festive this Christmas – the Snowflake Eye Makeup can be your answer!

The main idea of Snowflake Makeup Art is to reflect the beauty of winter. The snow looks absolutely miraculous, sparkling in the bright morning sunlight; and it invites us into some untold fairytale, flickering in the mysterious light of the moon. So first, all the shimmering shades of blue like sky, azure, turquoise, teal, royal, and cobalt will be the best choice for any of the Snowflake Eye Makeup Looks. And the frosty colors like silver and white will perfectly represent the touch of snow.


Since we decided to stick with blue, silver and white, we will definitely have those colors on our makeup essentials list:

  • Let’s start with the basics: your favorite eye primer.
  • Makeup brushes for eyes: for this tutorial we will need a MAC small shader brush #231, MAC flat definer brush#212, MAC split fiber blending brush #234 and MAC fluff brush #213.
  • Your Snowflake eyeshadow palette. The best option is to make our own palette! Did you know that can easily order a customizable palette on MAC’s official website? No more situations when you have a pile of old palettes with half colors left unused because they are not exactly what you want. You can choose what and how many colors you wish to have in your palette. Plus, they are all refillable.
    This custom MAC palette is a perfect choice for our Snowflake eye makeup tutorial.
  • Snowflake Eye Makeup Eye shadow Palette

    We filled it up with those colors: Gesso (A Cool White with a Matte finish), Dazzlelight (a warm beige with a frost finish), Tilt (a cool blue with a pearl finish), Contrast (a cool blue with a satin finish), Teal Appeal (a cool blue with a frost finish), How Royal (a cool blue with a pearl finish), Cobalt (a cool purple with a satin finish, Deep Truth ( a cool blue with a frost finish and In The Shadows (a cool blue with a pearl finish). They can be used in so many different combinations and it makes this palette one of the best holiday beauty essentials.

  • Snowflake eyeliner: there are a couple options to create a snowflake design for our snowflake eye makeup. One of them is white or silver eyeliner. We are going to use the MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in Nocturnal (Bright silver pearl)
  • Another option can be the Snowflake makeup kit (like MAC Festive Bling! / Snow Ball kit)
  • A touch of some MAC glitter (in silver) will be the perfect finish to get the most festive look (but be careful and put it only on your face and not the eyelids).
  • Black or blue mascara will work just fine and you can even slightly touch the very ends of your eyelashes with the silver one to create this “frosty” appearance.
  • Concealer
  • Nude lipstick or lip gloss.

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Most of the makeup tips for beautiful eyes start with the most important one: to choose the right makeup you should figure out the shape of your eyes. There are so many guidelines for the eye shape makeup and you’ll easily discover what goes the best for your type of eyes.
Now, how to put eyeshadow step by step? Let’s cover it up. We are going to have two different looks based on our palette.
For the Look#1 we will use this combination of colors:

  • Apply your primer.
  • Using the small shader brush #231, apply some Dazzellight Eyeshadow on the upper eyelid.
  • Then highlight the under brow with a small amount of Gesso Eyeshadow. Blend the colors together with blending brush.
  • Wrap the How Royal Eyeshadow around the entire eye. Blend the colors again (blending brush#234)
  • Define the crease and the outer corner of the lower lid with the Teal Appeal Eyeshadow (flat definer brush#212)
  • Shimmer up the inner corner of the upper eyelid with a frosty touch of Gesso.
  • Use the silver eyeliner on the waterline.
  • Then stick the glittery snowflake from the MAC Festive Kit on the upper lid (use the thin layer of brush-on-lash glue if it’s necessary).
  • Complete your look with the mascara and lipstick or lip gloss.
  • Look#2:

  • After applying the primer, use Gesso to highlight under brow area and the inner corner of the eye then apply Tilt Eyeshadow on the upper lid.
  • Gentle sweeping from the lash line toward the brow, apply Deep Truth Eyeshadow on the whole eyelid.
  • Deepen your look with In the Shadows Eyeshadow on the crease line and under the eye.
  • Now it’s time to draw a snowflake, using the silver liquid eyeliner (It’s probably the most exciting part!)
  • Finish the look with the same eyeliner on the upper lash line. Then it’s time for the mascara and the lipstick.
  • Add some glitter touch on your cheeks and now you are really the Snow Queen of any party!


Do remember to use a primer to even up the surface for makeup. Another important detail is the foundation you are using. Remember that oil-free foundation is always the best choice and it will prevent your makeup from fading and sliding off.


Always be very gentle with the delicate area around your eyes. Use gentle alcohol-free makeup removers and soft cotton pads. Indeed avoid any rubbing. Wash your face to cleanse all the leftovers and don’t forget to put your eye cream (no doubt, you understand very well why eye creams are important).

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Now that we gave you some ideas how to do snowflake eye makeup, unleash your imagination to create the most stunning winter designs!

And for some other holiday look concepts, you can check this Cranberry Eye Makeup Tutorial.

Merry Christmas to you all and happy holidays!


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