Know About Sofia Vergara’s Beauty Secret for Beautiful Ageless Skin


Don’t we all just love women who are able to keep their sultry, luscious looking skin? And, don’t we love them more when they’re over 40 and still leave us wondering how is it possible for them to warp into their 40s still with the beautiful skin and body they had when they were 20? That’s why women who care about staying youthful love to keep their eyes on Sofia Vergara.

If you’re curious about what keeps her skin ageless at 40, she’s not keeping any secrets so read on:

Sophia’s Beauty Tip No. 1: Exercise


Sophia admits to not really falling in love with workouts but, she’s making time for it anyway because she’s recognized how much power exercise has over aging. You should start having faith in exercise as well — the earlier, the better.

Sophia’s Beauty Tip No. 2: Balanced Diet: Believe it or not, it includes cake! Sophia is a big believer of spreading your happiness when it comes to your food. If you want to splurge a little bit on calories, like a slice of cake, you should take less calories of another food group, like sticking to salads and dropping the carbs. Depriving yourself of your cravings will eventually become counterproductive to your diet. So take out one before you satisfy another.

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Sophia’s Beauty Tip No. 3: Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizing Cream

Everybody’s got a go-to beauty cream. Sophia does. So, stop having doubts whether or not skincare products work because they do — well, not all of them but then you’ll have to find what works for you. Frankly, your skin alone won’t be sufficient to fight the multiple signs of skin aging.

Sophia’s Beauty Tip No. 4: Cat Eye: She is after all a Latina vixen, isn’t she? This simple eye trick intimidates women and yet it’s so simple to do. Get yourself a gel liner. Start lining your bottom eyelids first. Extend that line upwards on the outer corner of your eyes. Next, bring the line in to meet your top eyelid. You should then form a tiny triangle. Fill in the triangle and then continue to bring in your top eye line. You can take it all the way to your tear gland which can make your eyes smaller. For larger eyes, just bring in up to the middle of your top eyelid.

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Sophia’s Beauty Tip No. 5: Nutribullet


No it’s not a metal that she swallows that turns her into some Wonder Woman reincarnate, Silly! She’s referring to a blender. Sophia blends a lot of fresh fruits and veggies to give her an energy boost. Freshly blended juices are yummier and get all your daily essential nutrients without fear of packing in the bulges. Eating veggies and fruits bore your tastebud. Then, you end up despising your next meal and short of nutrients.


Now 44, Sophia remains to be one of the most looked after natural beauties of Hollywood. Now that you know her secret, you know what you should do next.

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