Sophia Bush Has Strong Opinions About Food


Sophia Bush, who appears on the TV show “One Tree Hill”, has strong opinions about food, animals and the environment. She is a dedicated animal rights activist and supports environmental causes. She believes strongly in local sourcing and tries to eat food in her home in North Carolina that has been raised on local farms. She tries to ensure that the animals were treatedhumanely and raised in healthy conditions. She has visited the farms andregularly patronizes a couple of them where animals were allowed to roam orrange freely and were treated with dignity and respect. But frequently she must eat out, and carryout containers often fill her refrigerator. When living athome in North Carolina she admits there are three foods she cannot survive without.

Sophia BushSophia Bush


She likes to eat whole grains when possible and always hasoatmeal on hand. It is versatile, has healthy benefits for the heart andcardiovascular system and makes a great breakfast. And, by the way, improvesyour sex life.

Brown Rice

This is another whole grain with health benefits. Half a cup of brown rice has nearly 2 grams of fiber. The same amount of white rice has none. It is loaded with the mineral manganese, which is an antioxidant that fights free radicals to promote an anti-aging regimen and provide other health benefits.

Sophia BushSophia Bush

Kilwin’s Ice Cream

This is not Sophia Bush healthy food, but everyone needs to indulge herself or himself now and again, even those on celebrity diets. She cannot get enough Kilwin’s ice cream when she is at home in North Carolina. Balance is important in any diet. Not only is it important to get proper nutrition with protein, meats and vegetables, but also to treat yourself periodically so you do not go off the deep end and start eating everything in sight. You must set aside some time to enjoy yourself and indulge the finer things in life for proper balance.


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