Spectacular Nail Designs 2013

Nail designs 2012Nail designs 2012

It should be considered shameful to be stuck with a boring, monochrome manicure with all the artistic and colorful nail designs available today. With just a little imagination you can come up with countless options. If you are ready for something above and beyond plain and ordinary, some of these nail design ideas may give you some inspiration.

Colorful Nail DesignsColorful Nail Designs

Nail designs can be another outlet for self-expression and letting your unique personality shine through. Nail art 2012 has quickly earned its place back in the routine of beautiful and modern women. Nail designs fulfill the need for something interesting and provide variety, but are also reversible and easy to change frequently that can be fun for women of all ages. Whether one chooses to go with funky nail designs, summer nail designs or some colorful nail designs there is something for every occasion and to match every mood with eye-popping nail art when chosen properly.

Summer Nail DesignsSummer Nail Designs

The most obvious place to begin when wanting to challenge your creativity and create complex nail designs is to go beyond style norms and pattern rules while still maintaining unity and cohesiveness within the design itself. Be willing to experiment with color and experiment with a variety of style themes, or play off of themes already done like the nail designs summer 2012 collection. Abstract nail designs offer a great deal of freedom in design and do not require a large amount of artistic talent to come out looking good.

Complex Nail DesignsComplex Nail Designs

Simple animal prints, complex animal prints, curved lines, stripes, dots and checkered patterns can all be combined to create stunning effects. With attention to detail, a great deal of patience, a willingness to learn from mistakes and the right color palette, anyone can create amazing and unique nail designs. Complex nail designs are much more difficult for the average person to create and there is always the option for cheating by going with a minx design. They do have a tendency to not look very natural than those done with other techniques, but they can be fun and are a good substitute if you do not have the time nor the inclination to do your own nail art.

Funky Nail DesignsFunky Nail Designs

The occasion and your personality are two influential elements to consider when making a final decision. A casual event poses the perfect opportunity for unrestricted or colorful nail designs. But, if it is a special occasion or a party, nail designs need to be carefully considered. Even though it seems as if bright, vibrant and bold colors and other elements are necessary for funky nail designs, this is not always the case. There are many options you can utilize to bring a touch of festivity to your nails. Rhinestones, nail stickers, glitter or French manicures with a fresh take are just a few ideas for additional options.

Nail Art 2012Nail Art 2012

Even though you can create quirky nail designs at home, the more complex designs may be better left to the expertise of the professional manicurist. Having a good idea of what look you are going for, and being specific when describing what you want will help achieve the nail design you want. Select your main colors, your theme and you will have a large part of your nail designs figured out. There is a fantastic selection of nail designs 2012 that are current, up to date and available to draw inspiration from or find one that matches your vision of how you would like your nails to look.


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