Spring Fashion Trends 2017 Inspired By Gigi Hadid And Selena Gomez


When the topic is Spring fashion, you can be sure that the floral dresses will always and forever be part of your Spring staples every year. This year’s Spring though, brace yourself for more trousers in plaids and stripes. You should, in fact, get hold of your own pair of comfortable jeans because no less than Hollywood’s most fashionable and most watched “It” girls have been spotted wearing them.

What Of Skinny Jeans And Wide Pants

Since skinny jeans have been introduced in the market, everybody seems to have instantly embraced them. This season, while the skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere, a new pair of pants has just stolen the spotlight: Miaou Jeans by Alexia Elkaim. It’s not surprising that the very fashionable Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez have been photographed on the streets wearing Spring fashion 2017’s hottest pants label in town.

“Miaou Jeans hug every woman the same; all shapes and sizes,” Alexia Elkaim, founder and designer at Miaou was quoted on the brand’s website. She adds, “I like to think of them as jeans for girls who wear dresses, because of the feminine style.” With style and flair is exactly how Gigi and Selena wore these comfy, cropped pants:

1. Gigi’s Way

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid outfits instantly become fashion’s biggest item the moment people take a snap and share. More than just being the designers’ most well-loved doll at the moment, this is a top model who knows her style. Very seldom will she ever be seen in less than a fashion statement.

She had Miaou’s plaid, red version which she wore for an evening affair. She had a sheer inner blouse on that was topped with a black, leather jacket. Gigi chose the Morgan – Plaid which came with five pockets, including two zipper pockets upfront.

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2. Selena’s Way

Selena Gomez

Selena’s style statement came with the Maiao Tommy Jean – Pinstripe. It consisted of black trousers with white stripes, with five-pocket style. Undoubtedly, one of the best features of this pair of pants, including the one that Gigi wore, was the belt eyelets and the belts that gave the pants so much personality.

Selena had a mustard, knitted and cropped blouse on with her trousers. Like Gigi, she also went for the chained belt. For her footwear, Selena opted for a pair of black, flat mules.

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3. Your Way

Miaou pants

There are at least 11 designs of Miaou pants available at the moment, and the founder promises there will be more. Miaou or not, here are your key styling take aways:

  • cropped pants
  • relaxed cut, not skinny
  • plain, plaid or stripes
  • statement belt holes or eyelets
  • statement belts: velvet, rope belts, metallic chains and crystal rhinestones must be on top of your list
  • comfortable walking shoes, no stilettos


It is never enough to get the season’s hottest pants or the most trending apparel for that matter. At the end of the day, how you put all of your styling elements together: the clothes, the hair and makeup, the shoes, bags, and other accessories will ultimately create your fashion statement.

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