Spring 2017 Lipstick Colors – 5 Lipstick Colors to Try Out This Spring


Oscar Best Actress winner, Emma Watson, can relate to the power of makeup in beating the blues, when she said, “If I’m feeling tired, I just say, ‘I’m going to paint my nails purple and put some lipstick on!'” Ain’t that why we all love makeup so much? A little change in color here, an adjustment on a line somewhere — completely different from the one you started or, should we say, “completely new person!”

Lip Smackin’ Goodness, Gracious

The 5 lipstick trends that will bring back the Vibrance of Spring to your lips are:

1. Bright and Frosted

Bright And Frosted

Have a look at the beautiful red orange frosted lips at the Jason Wu fashion show. Want some more? Check out the models at the Etienne Aigner show wear different shades of frosted lipsticks too. Aren’t those the perfect pair of lips you’d love to be coat your pout with? Bask in the glorious triumph of life after the onslaught of fall and winter with frosted lips — how ironic.

2. Tinted Lip Gloss

Tinted Lip Gloss

No less than MAC is leading the revolution back to tinted lip gloss through its just released, ‘Work It Out’ collection. With the return of the bright pink and light blue eyeshadows everyone embraced in the 80s, it is just proper that the lips are toned down and kept in the background.

3. Deep Red Full Lips

Deep Red Full Lips

The red lips just made a comeback Sunday night at the Oscars. Boy, did everyone miss its classic elegance! From what we’ve seen, Emma Watson, Emma Roberts and Nicole Kidman surely missed the classic. On the runways of the just commenced fashion seasons in New York, London, Milan and Paris, the trend also made a stunning comeback. We know Gigi Hadid wore bright red lips for the Giambattista Valli show. The trend was also spotted on Valentino models.

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4. Coral And Light Orange Matte Lipsticks

Light Orange Matte Lipsticks

This season looks sunny, bright and so 60s too. The trend is inspired by the joyful, colorful collection from the Jeremy Scott fashion show. Don it on a 60’s inspired blonde, flyaway hairdo and bright outfit, simply pair it up with your floral dress or, use it with your plain tee and denim, this color will always leave you looking well put-together.

5. Bright Matte Lips

Bright Matte Lips

This season, the trend generally gravitates towards the bright neons and pastels. While mostly, the technique is to get these eye-popping colors over the lids and brows, you can always choose to set them on your lips — and, oh aren’t they dramatic! Check out the matte lips in sky blue from the Thom Browne runways and you’ll understand why this trick is making such a hit.

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This Spring, fashion and styling will be beaming with life. It is a welcome breath of fresh air, generally daring and away from the safe and very traditional takes on makeup in recent years.

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