7 Spring Nail Art Ideas To Add Beautiful Colors To Your Look


We’re sure that you know exactly why nail grooming is so important. That’s why you shouldn’t only watch how you can get those clothes in this season’s hottest pastel colors but also, find a way to incorporate these into your nails.

How To Bring Spring To Your Nails

There are nail art trends that you want to dress up your nails with this season, and that is to keep those tips attractive but, most of all, to give you pleasure. Here are 7 Spring nail art tips and tricks for you to try right now:

1. Clean, Geometric Pastel Colours

Geometric Pastel Colours

Combine triangles, squares and circles using the season’s most beloved shades — what else but pastel colours. The best way to achieve clean, straight lines and sharp curves is by using stencil.

2. Plain Nails And Nail Wrap Combinations

Plain Nails And Nail Wrap Combinations

Take the lively colors of spring to your nails, keeping up with this season’s nail color trends will do but, to stand out, you may want to call in artistic help from nail wraps. Simply give your nail a base coat. Stick in the nail wrap. Then, seal with top coat to protect your lacquer and print.

3. Red Florals In Black And White

Red Florals In Black And White

Enhance the minimalist side of you in this elegant and colorful art combination. Alternate black and white lacquers over your nails. Then, top one or two nails with red floral prints. Dramatic and beautiful like a Japanese zen spring, isn’t it? You can easily wear this nail art to your formal evening affairs and even on high-intensity board meetings.

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4. Clean, Glittery Spring

Glittery Spring

Several runways this past season have opted for just a colorless lacquer randomly topped with glitter powder, usually on just one side. Another minimalist Spring nail art idea for you to try.

5. Psychedelic Graphics

Psychedelic Graphics

If you feel more edgy rather than dainty then, the Spring nail colors that match you aren’t pastels. Leave the center of your nails blank while designing geometric looks for the tips and bases of your nails. Use black, navy blue, red, yellow, hot pink and evergreen shades.

6. Beach-Inspired Turquoise Nails

Beach-Inspired Turquoise Nails

Use a turquoise lacquer color to cover about three-fourths of your nails from the tip. This leaves the base of your nails blank. Using a fine-tipped brush, use lacquers in coral, orange, yellow and bright blue to draw star fish at the base of your nails. You can always draw on the turquoise colored part if you want to.

7. Corals And Glitters

Corals And Glitters

Coral shades of lacquer instantly brings about the sunnier side of your personality. Use it as a base paint. Create patterns of corals with whites and metallic glitters. Feel free to add in rhinestones just make sure that these are used only for accent.

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No less than Emma Watson understands the power of beautiful nails. She said that, “If I’m feeling tired, I just say, ‘I’m going to paint my nails purple and put some lipstick on!'”

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