St. Ives Gets a Great New Makeover


The St. Ives product line has been around for a number of years now, and I am sure you have used it at some time or other in your life, or you are currently using it. Advertised as natural products, it turns out that St. Ives wasn’t quite as natural as we were led to believe! Recently the popular product line decided to give itself a great new makeover, but in doing so, advertised all of the new changes being made and they kind of gave themselves away when they talked about the change in their ingredients.

St. Ives has always had some natural ingredients, but now they are even more natural. A lot of their products are advertised as soothing for the skin, and now you may notice that when you use St. Ives products, they should have even more soothing properties in them. This is due to the fact that they have eliminated a lot of harmful ingredients that are unfortunately found in a lot of skin care products.

St. Ives is now making their line of skin care products without parabens, which are a group of chemicals that is commonly used as a preservative in makeup and skin care products. Parabens and phtalates, which are also used in skin care items, can cause sensitive skin to become irritated and these common ingredients have also been linked to Rosacea, (a skin condition that causes redness and blotchiness in the face) and also breast cancer. St. Ives has made sure to give its ingredient list a complete overhaul to make sure that none of their products’ ingredients can bring any harm to their customers. This wise move will give St. Ives a bit of a leg up with their competitors, because a lot of skin care product companies are also removing harmful chemicals from their ingredient lists.

In addition to changing what is inside the bottle, St. Ives has made over their outside look as well. You will notice the next time you go to the store to buy some more St. Ives products that the packaging looks different. They have decided to “go green” and start producing more environmentally friendly products, and now they package their products with eco friendly and post consumer recycled materials whenever possible.

Another change that you may notice when you choose St. Ives products, is the information provided on the packaging. Before the makeover, St. Ives still gave out decent information about the product, but now the consumer gets even more. You will now be able to see what the inside product looks like from a product “smear” picture on the front of the container. They also have a new “benefit bar” on the front that will tell you what the product will do for your skin, as well as a picture of what fruit or major ingredient the product was made from. For example, the apricot scrub now has a picture of apricots on the front.


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