5 Starbucks Drinks that will be your Best this Summer


There are so many delicious beverages to choose from when you’re in Starbucks. This summer is the perfect time to try some new drinks and find a new favourite. Here are some interesting offerings from the giant coffee chain that you should try this summer.

1.Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew

Starbucks Corp. recently announce that it would be adding new coffee offerings which include a nitrogen-infused beverage in select United States locations. This drink infuses nitrogen into the slow-steeped, cold-brewed coffee to create a smooth and rich sweetness. There are other offerings that are similar from other specialty coffee shops in recent years. The nitrogen-infused cold brew is said to be one of the top selling item at Starbucks’ Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle.

2. Iced Caramel Macchiato

If you haven’t tried this drink yet, you have probably been living under a rock for several years. This is perfect for people who love strong coffee. It is ideal for times when you need a pick-me-up for work or whatever reason. There are many ways you can modify it according to your taste. It is perfect this summer but most people order it as a Frappuccino during hot weather.

3. Caramelized Honey Latte

Caramelized Honey Latte

This is a very popular drink but it is not already available in most locations. Some unofficial sources say it will make a comeback this summer but it is still uncertain. The drink contains slow-cooked caramel honey sauce which is simple amazing for caramel lovers. It is mixed with espresso and topped with steamed milk for a perfect combination of yumminess. Most people like it as a Frappuccino or iced but it can also be ordered hot.

4. Strawberry Lemonade

If you want a refreshing drink but you’re not in the mood for coffee or tea, you may want to try the strawberry lemonade which has become very popular. It is a strawberry lemonade slush which is a perfect antidote to the hot summer weather. This Starbucks creation contains fresh lemonade and delicious strawberry syrup. Word of caution though, the taste is not for everyone. There is a little bitterness from the lemonade but a lot of people love it.

5. Teavana Shaken Mango Black Tea Lemonade

Teavana Shaken Mango Black Tea Lemonade

Since the return of this refreshing drink last spring, it has become a staple among loyal Starbucks customers. It is made using premium Teavana black tea which is mixed with lemonade or water. The beverage is sweetened with passion fruit and mango. This is perfect for your trip to the beach or just when you want to cool off from the hot weather.
There are many other Starbucks offerings you can try this coming summer. If you’re unsure of what to order, talk to your barista who can make recommendations based on your preferences.

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