Start fluttering your eyelashes with mascara


The eyelashes are much more than just the strands of hair rimming the eyelids. They are nature’s gift that protect and shield our eyes from dirt and other elements. Since we communicate much with the gesture of the eyes, the eyelashes add color and meaning to the words by fluttering.

Hair Rimming

Our eyelashes that we flutter with the eyes to communicate will be more effective if they are long, thick and immaculate. There is no need to have the long eyelashes by birth in order to make your eyes look seductive. It can be done with the use of makeup. And there is magical mascara wand to get the same done.

If properly applied, mascara makes our eyelashes magical. There must be no globs of the stuff clinging to our lashes and each strand must be separate from the other when you apply mascara. This is because the globs and strands clumped together will ruin the effect of mascara.

Lash Comb

It is better to apply the mascara to the base of the lashes with the mascara wand giving the wand a wiggle. This helps to prevent dried globs and clumping strands. Than you need to brush the mascara to the lashes’ ends with great care with the help of the lash comb. If you do not have lash comb, remove the extra mascara from your wand with the use of the tissue paper before it touches your lashes.

If the mascara smudges than it looks very ugly. This may happen if the cream used for eyes is wet and oily. The smudging can be avoided by applying the powder first on the lower eyelids before you apply the mascara. When you put the mascara, avoid blinking at that time otherwise the mascara will surely stick to the eyelids instead of the lashes.


Often times, it is better to apply the second coat of mascara which makes the eyelashes look thicker. But it is advisable to dry the first application of the mascara before you apply the second coat. Otherwise the eyelashes will clump together. The lash curlers must be used before applying the mascara and not after application of the mascara. The lash curlers that is preheated before curling gives better results than otherwise. Make sure that the lash curlers are not heated too much as this will singe your eyes.

Most of the people miss the corners of the eyes while applying the mascara. It is recommended to use a short and thin mascara wand as this will ensure that your eyelashes are fully covered. The short and thin wands are very effective in reaching the corner lashes and offer extra control while handling them.


In order to get the best mascara results, it is advisable to clean the wands properly before using. Remove the dried mascara from the wand by using the makeup remover and then clean the wand with soap and water. Dry the wand first before you replace it with other makeup tools. A dried and clean wand helps to maximize the appearance and application of mascara on the eyes. Moreover, this also helps to prevent your eyes from getting irritated.


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