3 Easy Steps To Chalk Up: Add Season’s Colors To Your Hair


Think you’re ready for a pop of color on your hair but, not exactly prepared to keep the color over a prolonged period?

Well, whether it’s because you are trying to save up on hair color or, you want to change your highlights every day or, don’t intend to keep the hair color that you’re planning to wear, the solution is the same – try hair chalking!

Does it Work?

Of course, it does! Your chosen color rubs on the hair strands and your hair can keep it on.

Add the season’s colors to your hair or, just use color to add some attitude and character to your vibe. Hair chalk is also an excellent outfit upper, most especially to make your hair complement your costume to dress up a party or an important performance.

Hair chalking is easy – and, cheap! The first thing you have to do is to grab yourself a hair chalk at your favorite beauty bar. A set of 24 hair chalks usually sell for $10 and under, and often last for one to two days.

The great thing about hair chalk is that it allows you to reflect your changing moods on your locks and lets you change your hair highlights as often as you want to. The colors can be easily applied and they are equally easy to take off. Need we say, it’s a fun way to add something fancy and flair to your otherwise usual, dull hair? It does make your hair fun!

The chalk color’s visibility may vary depending on the user’s natural or, base hair color. If you are a blonde, hair chalk will stick better on your hair but, if you’re a brunette or dark haired, you will find it more challenging to make the hair chalk color become more visible on your locks. The hair chalk color, thus, fades more easily if you have darker hair.

Hair Chalk

How To Chalk Up Your Hair?

Get ready to chalk up your hair and wear a different vibe on your crown and hair tips. Be prepared to allot 10 up to 30 minutes of your time to complete your chalk hair makeover.

If you’re ready, let’s chalk it up in three easy steps!

Step 1: Gather all the tools you will need and place these in front of your mirror. You will need:

  • Hair Chalk (choose the most vibrant colors for the most visibility after all, more visible equals more fun!)
  • Spray bottle with cold water
  • Dark towel to avoid staining your dress and to shake off excess hair chalk powder
  • A small bottle of oil
  • A small pack of wet tissue

If you have blonde hair, you probably won’t need the spray bottle with water because the hair chalk will cling to your hair best when your hair is dry.

Reserve the oil and wet tissue for when the hair chalk accidentally finds its way to your face or to your clothes. Use the oil for skin, and use the wet tissue for your clothes. To make it easier on yourself, use only dark clothes whenever you’re planning to wear hair chalk to avoid staining.

Step 2: Apply the hair chalk. You may either apply the hair chalk as a highlight, starting from the roots of your strands, down to your hair tips. In which case, try to avoid getting the hair chalk too close to your scalp as it may cause dryness. Or, you may also just highlight your hair tips.

For people with blonde hair, pick up a streak of hair strands and do a single twist at the top, where you want the color to start. Apply the hair chalk. Move down to the tips gradually. Always twist your hair before applying hair chalk.

For people with darker hair, do the same as the instruction above for those with blonde hair except, after twisting, spray some water onto hair before applying hair chalk. Do this everytime until you reach the tips.

To obtain a more vibrant pop of color, you will have to rub in more hair chalk. Again, people with darker hair may have to spend more time rubbing in the hair chalk for colors to become more visible.

Step 3: Shake off any excess hair chalk. Use your towel to remove excess hair chalk so it does not mess up your clothes.


Take off hair chalk

Take off hair chalk as soon as possible as it can dry out your hair. Simply shower off with cold water and a good shampoo. Rinse off well.

Make sure you follow through with a good conditioner that contains high emollient and humectant content to bring back moisture to your hair. Whenever possible, treat hair to the natural conditioning goodness of essential oils.


Hair chalks are an excellent, quick and very affordable way to get some colors on your hair to liven it up. But, always keep in mind that after styling, you should look after your hair’s health too. So, until the next hair chalking, keep that hair vibrant and bouncy!


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